Rankin Biomedical moves headquarters to 35,000 square-foot facility

This past January, Rankin Biomedical, a family-owned histology laboratory supply company, moved to a new facility with a significantly larger warehouse space. The larger facility has undoubtedly increased workflow and productivity along with allowing the company to store more inventory and efficiently handle growing customer orders.

Rankin started 28 years ago in my dad’s garage, and the growth since then has been exponential. We couldn’t be more excited to move into this bigger building. More space and better facilities mean improved storage, workflow, and overall operations. Our goal is to create a better workspace for our team that results in better service for our customers.

Brent Rankin

chief executive officer

Since the move, Rankin has been able to operate more efficiently and streamline workflow, ensuring high-quality products with timely deliveries. With more storage capacity, Rankin has been able to maintain higher levels of inventory, providing faster and more reliable order fulfillment for customers. With more space to store goods and better organization, Rankin has successfully reduced the time it takes to process and ship orders. The larger facility also provides a more comfortable work environment for employees, with more spacious workstations and common areas for collaboration and meetings.

The 35,000-square-foot facility houses a 20,000-square-foot climate-controlled warehouse, 8,000 square feet of office space, and 6,000 square feet of shop space for production and engineering. The facility houses Rankin’s production shop for refurbished equipment, an engineering design and prototyping room, a refrigeration repair room, a depot repair service lab, a show lab for training and demonstrations, a break room, a large conference room, and a large warehouse for distribution.

Rankin Biomedical office space

Most of the office space is an open floor plan, ideal for collaboration and communication between employees in the sales, marketing, and service departments.

“The move to the new facility is a significant milestone for the company, and as an employee, I feel proud to be part of this exciting time in Rankin Biomedical’s history.”

Brandon Rice | Account Manager

Rankin Biomedical has been operating in the anatomic pathology industry for almost 30 years, founded in 1995 by Robert Rankin, father of now CEO, Brent Rankin. Rankin Biomedical is a southeast Michigan-based company, with its headquarters in Davisburg, Michigan. Rankin Biomedical is a privately-held company with 30 employees, and experienced 60% growth in 2022 with expectations of continued growth over the next several years.

Rankin Biomedical supplies products for the anatomic pathology industry, specifically serving histology laboratories with equipment, consumables and supplies, and repair services.