Rankin is dedicated to providing the best possible service for each of our customers. We appreciate our customers taking the time to share their experiences with our company and we look forward to working with you again soon.

We received three Rankin microtomes. Usually, the techs do not want the new microtomes. After putting the first one out, the tech loved it! Other techs were interested and tried it also. I had no problem with techs wanting the other ones. Believe it, these microtomes perform just as well as any of the others we have.
Larisa Dooley
Over the last 5 years we have purchased several pieces of refurbished equipment from Rankin. We have always had wonderful customer service and quality equipment. Brandon has worked with us to figure out which equipment was right for our lab, and Robert was great on site with installation.
RANKIN BIOMEDICAL….. Where to start? I’ve personally been hearing about this company since I was 10 years old! Probably one of the best personal service companies in the North. The 4 (J’s) will take care of you. There is a 5th J- JACK but he collects funds. He’s in accounting and well that’s what he does best! JASON & JACKSON —Who are with RANKIN WAREHOUSE, are the men to go to for any PARTS or CONSUMABLES you may need, INCLUDING QUALITY FILTERS!JOSH—is the head of PURCHASING and WHOLESALE equipment. He is an excellent communicator and will thoroughly go above and beyond to find the equipment you may need! Very informative as well!JUSTIN—it’s great with his ideas and Marketing skills, and that’s probably how you end up on this page. Please check their website for all the services they offer, including NEW equipment!TERRY- Is one of the BEST Service Manager who has been working on this field for over 20 years!CHRIS- It’s amazing when it gets to service and installations in the lab.OVERALL; RANKIN has provided me with their services and support through the whole process from START to FINISH. Their services are always EXCELLENT! These guys are all KNOWLEDGEABLE and work in a timely manner to answer any questions I may have; From buying a piece of equipment to setting up the lab. If you want something done right don’t look further and give them a call! The team will be more than excited to assist you. THE WHOLE TEAM it’s very professional, Very Responsive, informative, understanding, and most important Honest.
Melissa D
Rankin Biomedical refurbishes instruments the best I have ever seen. The company is very reputable and ethical.
Joe Burgess
Great customer service!
Joe Ryniak
Excellent business & customer service; very professional!
Samantha clark
Josh and others at Rankin always handle our needs, what ever they may be in a timely manner. Always very courteous and helpful. They obviously know what good customer service is all about.
Jim Kovach
We have worked with Josh and Rankin Biomed for years. It is always a pleasure to work with such an honest, upfront, and professional company. We look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.
Lori Weidow
Great Company to deal with; Very professional, they know their products well, fast responses, and quick transactions. thanks!
moe Hassanin
Great company and fantastic customer service.
terry manke
Rankin Biomedical has been a great company to work with! The team is very knowledgeable, communicative, and very easy to talk to. They have come through for us in a pinch, multiple times and we will continue to call them in the future. This team is most certainly worth calling to see how they can serve your business and team!
Joshua Hoskins
We have been doing business with Rankin for the past few years and we could not be more satisfied with the service they provide. Quick answers. Quick pick ups. Always willing to help us out.
Caleb Wyse
Fast response and shipping times, any time I need lab parts (cryostats, microtomes, stainers, really any histology) I go to Rankin first. They stand behind their parts and units they sell, and are great to work with.
Caren W
Very helpful and knowledgeable people. Great company to do business with.
Dennis Cuasay
No doubt that Rankin delivers. The best part is their communication and proactive approach at customer service. Highly recommend this vendor for your histology needs.
Justin Boyd
Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable staff from the sales to the installation team. Justin gave me options on various pieces of equipment with pros and cons, considering our lab's needs and volume. Calvin and Chris provided quick installation without losing patience with our multiple questions regarding the equipment. I would highly recommend Rankin for other labs!
Katri Carneiro
The Rankin team assisted us through our whole lab set-up. Everyone did a fantastic job from sales/ordering and technical support through delivery and installation. A few repairs were needed post-install, and their response was very rapid and thorough. I highly recommend their services for your histology laboratory needs. Thanks for helping make our laboratory build out go so smoothly.
James Edinger
Rankin Biomedical is one of the most professional and responsive organizations I have worked with in my career supporting anatomic pathology labs. Justin is knowledgeable, honest, and worked diligently to ensure our needs were met. The value provided by their refurbished instrumentation is incredible. I would not hesitate to recommend Rankin to anyone.
Fantastic customer service, We have bought several pieces of equipment from Rankin and the customer service from Justin and everyone there has been great from start to finish! They are very quick to respond to any questions, requests and even if you need help with set up. Thank you for all you do!
I currently work for an Diagnostic company that needed a Hematek stainer, and used Rankin Biomedical to acquire one. Samuel Nau was the person I had the pleasure of speaking with, and he provided fantastic customer service. His responses were not only prompt, informative, accurate, and professional, but he truly went out of his way to provide customer satisfaction. He followed up with any inquires I had quickly, and offered assistance in any way he could. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with him and Biomedical!
Sara Hish
Great company to do business with, and high quality refurbished equipment!
Andrew Nichols
As a technical service provider we at iLabServices have grown to rely on Rankin Biomedical ( or more specifically Rankin Warehouse) as a provider of 'hard to find' repair parts., Terry Sullivan, specifically, has been a helpful, responsive asset for information, advise and component sourcing, across a wide range of AP/Histology Lab equipment. Their refurbished units, that we have serviced, have always looked very professionally finished.
Barry Ambrose
We have ordered from Rankin several times in the past and we recently ordered 3 different items. The sales staff was very helpful in getting exactly what we were looking for. When we needed help with setting up the equipment the service department was very promt to get back to us and extremly helpful. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
Linda Wrijil
Fantastic group of people. Always SUPER helpful and diligent. Top notch equipment and customer service. Highly recommend Rankin Bio to anyone looking for equipment.
Brian Alciatore
Fantastic customer experience from sales to receipt. We purchased a refurbished Leica CM3050S Cryostat from Rankin. It arrived in beautiful condition and is working fantastically!
Purchased an excellent refurbished cryostat that we are very happy with, and Justin provides excellent customer service and sales info.
We’ve purchased a few products through Rankin and they’ve worked out beautifully. Even better is their phenomenal customer service! Great people to work with.
Mary Kaldas
I bought a refurbished Leica cryostat from them earlier this year and it looks like brand new. Working out great for my lab.
Andrew Hardaway
I am running an anatomy lab in a non-R1 university.I think Rankin Biomedical is doing a great service to the histology community.Its refurbished equipment indeed works like brand new, and the price is a fraction of a new one.It's stuff and CEO are not only extremely nice and helpful but also really understand the technical details of their equipment.During my communications with Rob Rankin (founder and CEO), I can tell that he really genuinely wants to help researchers and is extremely kind.This company definitely has contributed to the advancement of human knowledge by supplying very-low-price and high quality equipment to researchers who do not have a lot of funding.
Jinyan Guo
I have used Rankin Biomedical throughout my 25 plus year career in histology for several reasons. The main reason is that all of the people that I have dealt with at Rankin Biomedical are polite, professional and helpful. This is extremely important as we have all experienced the typical stresses of a workday and enjoy an unexpected stress free telephone call or email exchange – which Rankin Biomedical always provides. Additionally, I have purchased used equipment from Rankin Biomedical and it has always been in excellent working condition. Finally, Rob Rankin proposed that we partner in providing educational articles in histology for view on the Rankin Biomedical website – and we did. I have received feedback from many colleagues who agree that the articles are easy to access, informative, to the point and provide good histology reference information. It is a pleasure being both a customer and colleague of Rankin Biomedical. Clifford M Chapman, Medi-Sci Consultants
I have been using Rankin Biomedical as a vendor for the clinical industrial laboratory that I manage for the past two years, and I love them.Their customer service is fast and friendly, their pricing is competitive, and their repair technicians are thorough.I recommend Rankin to all of my colleagues because you get a high value for your time and money on the products and services. As a final note, the staff is pleasant to work with- these are great people running a great business.
Andrew Parker
Rehana Leak
Well organized!
Rong Wu
Excellent CS and Technical support on the products they sell.
oopih Gannon
Great products and service, thanks!
Rachel Stewart
Great Company, Great Service!
Heather Hensel
We purchased a tissue processor from Rankin and had a great service experience. They were quick to answer emails and our shipment was hassle free. They also worked with us to make sure we got the product which was best suited for our needs.
The team at Rankin, from the owner to sales and customer care, have all worked hard on the purchases we have made from them. We needed some extra help on a piece of equipment which did not perform as expected but the Rankin team worked diligently to make sure it exceeded expectations. I highly recommend them if you are interested in purchasing refurbished histology equipment.
andrew horvath
We were looking for a specific vent for our new lab. When I contacted Rankin and explained what vent we wanted they found exactly what we had requested. It was in a very short period of time. After we received the vent they contacted me to make sure it was what we wanted. If I have a need in the future I will contact them because of how helpful and professional they have been.
Nancy Seamons
Great company, they do an oustanding job at refurbishing equipment, sometimes the equipment looks brand new. Would highly recommend!
Rod Glose
We are very happy with our remanufactured pathology equipment! The machines look and perform as if they are brand new!
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“Rob and his team at Rankin took their time and helped us find the Campden vibrotome that was perfect for our application. The system works great, and we’re thrilled with our slices”

Jesse Jackson, PhD Assistant Professor at University of Alberta