IHC Slide Stainers

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a lab test that helps test for antigens and diseases like cancer. Entire labs are built to create practical, efficient, and quick testing for IHC. Rankin can furnish a lab for you with affordable and fully refurbished IHC instruments as well as the antibodies used during the testing process. From lab inception to IHC instrument servicing, and your pathologist’s tests under the microscope, Rankin can help create a system that works for you.

Your patients rely on IHC for definitive answers. Make sure your lab has the IHC equipment and antibodies necessary to provide those answers. Rankin has the quality and efficiency to equip your lab to create a workflow your patients deserve.

We are determined to keep your lab workflow optimized for your IHC instruments and testing. We provide fully refurbished IHC instruments with a one-year warranty, and reagents securely shipped directly to your lab space. Our IHC professionals can offer you excellent quality, a fair price, and continued support.

From the instruments to the testing supplies, Rankin offers everything you need to complete your immunohistochemistry testing. We ship antibodies directly to your laboratory necessary for all your IHC tests. Our reagents are used for research and laboratories in the testing for cancer, proteins of interest, or infectious agents. We provide reagents in a timely, safe manner to keep your lab workflow optimal and your tests secure. View our list of IHC testing antibodies or speak to your sales representative about your tests and laboratory needs today.

Our immunohistochemistry instruments for sale are quality refurbished lab instruments with a one-year warranty. We are a one-stop establishment with many great IHC instruments for sale from Dako, Leica, Thermo, and a list of other brands your lab may require. We have an engineering staff available who are skilled and qualified to handle your IHC instrument questions and

servicing needs. We also have a support team for your IHC instrument technical support needs.

Rankin can service your existing IHC instruments on almost any platform. Our IHC specialists have over 15 years of experience in selling and working with IHC instruments, and we have the skills available to fix the workflow of your lab. No matter the lab or workflow, we can make sure your IHC instruments are working the best for you.