Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome

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Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome 

The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome is an oscillating blade microtome and is the result of more than 25 years in the design and manufacture of microtomes.

The user-friendly interface is easy and versatile offering simple operation at the push of a button and a range of changeable parameters for the expert user. The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome also provides longevity of performance, as not only does the slicer give ≤ 1 µm performance, but the advance vibrating mechanism does not contain bearings or other elements subject to high wear. This ensures exact ≤ 1 µm z-axis performance for years to come and without the need for expensive servicing.

The blade motion is by non-contact magnetic attraction giving a high degree of immunity from out-of-plane forces while allowing variable oscillation rates. The blade holder can be adjusted to ensure that the blade edge travels parallel to the vibration axis resulting in a cleaner slice with minimal damage to the surface of the tissue. A mountable non-contact metrology device is able to monitor the blade edge travel profile giving feedback to facilitate adjustment.

The blade is advanced into the tissue under motor control via a rotary control on the front of the instrument allowing continuos adjustment of speed. This is particularly useful when different areas of tissue need to be cut at different speeds. Blade retraction is carried out at a maximum speed and only after the uncut tissue has been lowered away from the blade, eliminating the possibility of the blade being dragged back across the uncut tissue causing damage.

The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome is a programmable unit that allows the instrument to ‘learn’ a cutting cycle input by the operator and then repeat that cycle a desired number of times. The cycle may have a varying speed/distance profile so that particular areas of tissue can be sliced at different speeds. A number of researchers have found that certain combinations of oscillation frequency, oscillation amplitude and tissue advance rate, can give superior slice quality for a given tissue. The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome allows these combinations to be developed solely by input from the keypad. For machine stability and long life, the amplitude of cut is related to the frequency of oscillation – the larger the amplitude, the lower the maximum frequency available and vice versa.

The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome ensures healthy viable sections every time with ≤ 1µm Z-axis deflection across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes,

Experienced users of oscillating microtomes will no doubt be aware that large amplitudes and/or high oscillation frequencies can lead to excessive vibration and unstable tissue fluid. The Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome  benefits in this area by being built on a heavy, rigid cast base giving exceptional immunity to secondary vibration transmission.

Up to eight user combinations of cutting parameters can be stored on the Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome.

The entire Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome is enclosed in a moulded enclosure protecting it from ingress of liquid spillage and is tolerant of most commonly used solutions.

Ceramic and stainless steel microtome blades are available where the grinding and honing facets of the blade edge are matched to the blade downward angle of orientation to the tissue. The ceramic blades are particularly advantageous over stainless steel blades when slicing brain tissue older than 30 days and do not have to be replaced after each tissue sample.


Tissue Bath Mount, demountable

Z-axis Calibration Checker, traceable to national standards

Z-axis Blade Adjust Minimizer

Blade holder angle to user requirement

Set start and stop position from blade travel

Vibration speeds from 50 to 120 Hz

Amplitudes from 0.5mm to 2.5mm

Controlled blade advance at 10microns per sec

Manual or automatic operation

“Auto” programming by storage of the first slicing

Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning

Campden 7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome Required Accessories:

7550-1-SS – Stainless Steel Blades, ultrasonically cleaned, 50 pack

7550-1-C – Ceramic Blades, 5 pack

Optional Accessories:

7611A – Temperature Controlled Tissue Bath (autoclavable) and Controller

7000-1-3 – Integrally Mounted Magnifying Glass

CL200 – Integrally Mounted Cold LED Light Source

7000-1-2 – Inspection Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope, fixed x5-x10

7000-1-1 – Inspection Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope, fixed x20-x40

Campden vibrotomes are designed to require minimal servicing (>5 years). Most parts are user-replaceable.

Additional information

Section Thickness Step Size

0.001 mm

Cutting head advance speed

Minimum: -4.0 mm/sec (-1.00 during slicing), Maximum: +4.0 mm/sec (+1.00 during slicing)

Blade oscillation frequency

Minimum: 50 Hz, Maximum: 120 Hz (amplitude dependent)

Frequency step size

5 Hz

Blade oscillation amplitude

Minimum: 0.5 mm (nominal), Maximum: 2.5 mm (nominal)

Amplitude step size

0.25 mm (nominal)

Power requirements (Selectable)

115VAC 60Hz, 230VAC 50Hz

Power rating


Fuse rating

115V T2A 250VAC, 230V T2A 250VAC

Light source

100-240Vac 3W


16.14"w x 24.14" d x 10.63" h (410mm x 400mm x 270mm) (excluding light source and microscope)


73 lbs (33Kg) (excluding microscope)

Boxed shipping weight

132 lbs (60Kg) (excluding microscope)