Dako Autostainer Plus IHC Stainer


The Dako Autostainer Plus IHC Stainer is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining of tissue samples. It is a reliable and efficient tool for laboratories looking to streamline their IHC staining processes and improve accuracy and reproducibility of results.

With its advanced technology, the Dako Autostainer Plus allows users to process up to 48 slides at a time, reducing the time and effort required for manual staining. The stainer is also equipped with a programmable software interface, enabling users to easily set up and customize protocols for different staining applications.

One of the key features of the Dako Autostainer Plus is its ability to deliver consistent and high-quality staining results. The stainer utilizes a heated water bath for optimal antigen retrieval and a programmable drying cycle to ensure optimal staining conditions.

The Dako Autostainer Plus is also designed with safety and user-friendliness in mind. It features a closed system for handling hazardous reagents, and a touch screen interface for easy navigation and operation.

Overall, the Dako Autostainer Plus IHC Stainer is an ideal choice for laboratories looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their IHC staining processes. It is a reliable and advanced tool that can help users achieve consistent and high-quality results.

The Dako Autostainer Plus IHC stainer includes:

  • The stainer instrument itself
  • Sample trays for holding tissue slides
  • A computer with software for running the stainer and managing staining protocols
  • Reagent bottles and other consumables for the staining process (e.g. blocking solution, primary and secondary antibodies, counterstains)
  • An instruction manual or user guide
  • A maintenance kit for cleaning and calibrating the stainer
  • A warranty or service agreement with Dako, the manufacturer of the stainer.

What does Rankin mean by “refurbished”?

Refurbished can be an arbitrary term. It means different things to different people. We can only speak for what refurbished means to Rankin, and have outlined specifically what we do to our instruments to deem them “refurbished”. Every instrument undergoes a systemized, rigorous, down-to-the-frame refurbishment process to rebuild each instrument to its original specifications and intended use.