Dako Autostainer Plus Slide Stainer

Dako Autostainer Plus Slide Stainer

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Dako Autostainer Plus Slide Stainer

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer S3800 is an automated horizontal slide-processing system compatible with open-market reagents for immunostaining formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues, frozen sections, cytospins, cell smears, and fine-needle aspirates. This system is designed to automate manual staining methods routinely used in immunohistochemistry and cytochemistry, enabling the transfer of established

protocols from the bench to the Autostainer Plus.

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer is a barcode-driven staining system with easy-to-use Windows-based software that allows for pre-programmed protocols and customized programs.


Universal System

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer is a universal system enabling the direct transfer of routine staining protocols from the laboratory bench.

Flexible Programming

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer enables the use of slide-specific programmed or user defined protocols. The system provides intuitive programming routines, reagent and slide loading maps and start/finish run time displays. You can build and save an unlimited number of protocols containing up to 35 steps (including rinse and blow steps between reagent incubations) and 64 different reagents. A staining run can process 1 to 48 microscope slides. Individual slides can be programmed to receive different reagents, reagent dispense volumes and reagent dispense locations. The Autostainer Plus also enables the addition of Priority Slides during a run, permitting the repeated addition of new slides in unoccupied positions while maintaining the integrity of the slides currently running.

Economic Use

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer provides the flexibility to program reagent volumes of 100, 150, 200, 400 and 600 μL for any step in a staining protocol. Each step can be programmed with a different reagent dispense volume. In addition, waste can be segregated into hazardous and nonhazardous collection containers, reducing disposal costs.

Data Management and Report Generation

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer is designed to track a variety of data. It can generate patient, reagent and real-time operation data reports, as well as track reagent usage and log instrument maintenance.

Slide and Reagent Labels

The Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer software provides a simple and efficient means to print slide labels through one-time programming of information for the staining run. Each label has a bar code to assure accuracy. The bar code feature also eliminates the need to insert slides in the proper position; the system will scan the bar codes and maintain the correct order of all slides in the run. The software enables items from the program (slide ID, slide #, case #, block ID, technician, antibody(s), pretreatment, date, doctor, tissue, run name, and static text) to be printed directly on the slide labels. You can also create reagent labels that include information stored in the reagent list (reagent name, lot number, expiration date, incubation time, and date). The printed label text is protected by a heat and chemical resistant laminate, allowing you to apply the labels to the slides at the start of the staining procedure.

Differences from the Autostainer System

If you are familiar with the earlier Autostainer System, the primary improvements in the Dako Autostainer Plus slide stainer are:

• Addition of bar codes to slide labels, inclusion of Seymour label printer as part of the package

• Insertion of Priority Slides during a run

• Inclusion of a Universal Negative Control

• Modifications to the Programming Screen to simplify the programming of your protocols

• Through the Initialize screen, the Autostainer Plus may now be uniquely identified


Total slide capacity: 1-48 glass slides (US and international sizes)

Reagent capacity: Up to 64 reagents (15 mL/reagent vial)

Reagent dispense volumes: 100, 150, 200, 400 and 600 µL

Reagent probe volume capacity: 100 µL minimum, 1.2 mL maximum

The system consists of a slide processor, software, dedicated desktop computer, printer, and a slide labeling system (Seymour Labeler).

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Slide Stainers


Autostainer Plus S3800

Dimensions (W x D x H)

40"w x 27"d x 24"h (1.02×0.69×0.61m)


140 lbs (63.5 kg)

Power Requirements

120 V, 110/120 V (±10%), 60 Hz ±2Hz 220 V, 220/240 V, (±10%), 50 Hz ±2Hz