General Data Paraffin Dispenser PRO

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General Data Paraffin Dispenser PRO

The General Data Paraffin Dispenser PRO is a 6.25 gallon paraffin dispenser that keeps a large supply of liquid paraffin ready for use when you need it. Every histology lab has times when they need pre-melted paraffin right away. The dispenser flow rate is fast and easy and the spigot contains a heating element that prevents clogging. The rather high position of the spigot and the concave cut-out of the dispenser body accommodates paraffin containers from a number of tissue processors, and will allow vessels up to 9″ high by 8″ wide to be placed under the spigot for quick and easy dispensing.

The Paraffin Dispenser PRO (PDP-120) heats paraffin to the melting point, using internal sensors to raise the temperature to melt paraffin quickly, then lowering the temperature once melting is achieved. A constant temperature of the paraffin is then maintained to within 1°C of desired temperature. When new paraffin pellets are added to the reservoir, sensors detect the change in temperature and automatically adjust. Overheating protection assures safety.

This PRO dispenser can be left on for extended time periods without overheating, evaporating, or damaging the paraffin. Save time by adding paraffin wax at night, setting the timer to begin heating at an exact time, and have melted paraffin ready at the right temperature when you need it.

The see-through Lexan lid allows for easy paraffin viewing for level monitoring and keeps out contaminates. A unique access area allows you to refill paraffin pellets without removing the lid.




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