Thermo Scientific Microm HM 325-2 Manual Microtome

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Thermo Microm HM 325 Microtome

The Thermo Microm HM 325 microtome has exceptional section stability and precision that makes this instrument a universal multi-purpose microtome for the highest demands both for paraffin sectioning technique as well as for manual hard sectioning technique in biology, medicine and industry. The Thermo Microm HM 325 microtome is a manual rotary microtome that is ideal for routine paraffin sectioning.

The Accu-Feed specimen advance system is selectable in 1µm steps from 1–30µm and provides high quality reproducible sections throughout the length of specimen travel. The specimen tilt/orientation is ±5° using X/Y micro adjustment.

The HM 325 microtome has a precision response, free-running flywheel designed to minimize repetitive stress injury. The brake on the Thermo Microm HM 325 microtome may be activated at any position of the flywheel and retraction feature may be disengaged at the user’s discretion. Features of the Thermo Microm HM 325 microtome include an integral debris tray, removable cassette organizer storage tray, and a resetable section counter. Disposable blades or standard microtome knives may be used along with the appropriate knife holder.

Precision micrometer mechanism

The unique section thickness setting allows operation with both the left and the right hand. The removable setting knobs can be operated on the right and left side of the instrument resulting in an individual operation without surpassing, even while sectioning. The section thickness range can be selected between 0,5 µm and 60 µm and is constantly monitored on the index window on the front side of the instrument.

Zero-backlash vertical specimen movement

The use of highest precision for the vertical specimen movement combines unmatched smooth running with highest stability for outstanding section quality, even with high cutting forces.

Specimen retraction during return travel

The feature specimen retraction in this class provided the basis for the leading position of this microtome. The advantages are an increased section quality, trouble-free ribbonning of sections and an extended lifetime of the sectioning tools.

Coarse feed device and trim function

The sense of rotation for activating the coarse feed is identical with the sense of the cutting movement. This ensures a precise approach of the specimen towards the knife. For further approach towards the cutting zone two trim stages are applicable (10 µm und 30 µm) independent from the preset fine section thickness.

Specimen fine orientation with quick change function

The specimen fine orientation allows a precise alignment of the specimen in horizontal (X-) and vertical (Y-) direction with Zero- positioning. – Equipped with a snap-in function, the parallel alignment towards the cutting surface is easy and fast. – The operating knobs on the left side allow an ergonomic one-hand operation resulting in an easy accessibility, even when using large clamps or a Cool-Cut. All clamping devices can be easily and fast replaced by loosening one lever only. – The especially flat design guarantees favorable leverages to avoid artifacts, especially when high cutting forces are applied.

Electronic section counter

The electronic section counter, which can be reset, allows counting of work processes and supports your lab operation.

Handwheel brake

The handwheel can be locked in any position and guarantees a safe specimen exchange.

Knife carrier system

The knife carrier system combines outstanding stability with unsurpassed ergonomics. The reduced number of levers cannot be mixed up during operation and is usable without any tools. The levers being partly adjustable and usable from right and left side simplify appliance with increased operator safety. The knife carrier system offers an individual configuration for each application. With the horizontal precision guidance, standard knives, tungsten carbide knives, and disposable blades (low and high profile) can be used. All knife holders are equipped with a finger guard.

Ergonomic design with unique section waste tray

The outstanding ergonomics in the daily routine is shown in the patented well shaped knife carrier insertion. The entire working area both behind as well as below the knife carrier is covered by a large removable section waste tray, which is very easy and fast to clean. The front area of the section waste tray is designed as an arm rest.


Ergonomic design

Compact dimensions

Mechanical precision feed mechanism

Especially smooth running handwheel

One-hand quick clamp change

Easy exchange of specimens

Specimen orientation universal 8°, rotatable 360°

Specimen retraction during return travel, can be turned off two mechanical trim stages (10 µm/30 µm)

Electronic section counter, resettable

Precision micrometer mechanism with enclosed housing

Section thickness range:

0.5 µm up to 60 µm

from 0 – 2 µm in 0.5 µm increments

from 2 – 10 µm in 1 µm increments

from 10 to 20 µm in 2 µm increments

from 20 to 60 µm in 5 µm increments

Section thickness indication in index window

Manual coarse feed via coarse wheel

Horizontal overall specimen feed 28 mm

Vertical specimen stroke 64 mm

Fine orientation with one-hand operation and zero-positioning

Spacious section waste tray, covering the entire working area

Ergonomically optimized operating elements for non-tiring usage

Design with highest demands to Operational safety and ergonomics

Integrated removable storage plate

Manual coarse feed via coarse wheel

Knife carrier systems

Disposable blade carrier E: Clamping plate that can be moved aside for easy positioning of the blade. For high and low profile blades.

Disposable blade carrier ER: The blade can be moved aside without opening the blade clamping. For high and low profile blades.

Disposable blades SEC 35: Of high-quality steel and coated with a newly developed, unique layer allowing best cutting results with longevity of the knife.

Standard knife carrier N: For conventional knives, tungsten carbide knives and disposable blade holders with knife height adjustment.

Standard knife carrier C: With central clamping plate for highest stability clamping.

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Microm HM 325

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