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Intelsint tissue processors allow lab technicians to process perfect samples, effortlessly and efficiently, providing very high-quality tissue for their pathologists leading to superior patient care. The Intelsint tissue processor rivals the top competing products such as the Sakura VIP 6, Leica PELORIS and Pegasus, and Thermo Revos.

Tissue samples tell so many stories. They explain patients’ pain and help physicians formulate treatment plans. Accurate tissue sampling is vital to our health.

We have been refurbishing and servicing tissue processors for almost three decades. With hundreds of tissue processors that we have supported, we share in your frustration caused by downtime, fried tissue, or a halted run due to a non-critical alarm. When it costs you time and money, it also costs us time and money. This is why we are thrilled to be supplying what we have undoubtedly confirmed to be the most reliable tissue processor we’ve ever seen.

Find out for yourself why every lab that has demo’d the Intelsint processor has purchased it immediately.

“We have had our Intelsint [EFTP] processor for almost a year now and we couldn’t be happier. The Intelsint is similar to a Leica ASP, or Sakura VIP, in that they are all easy to operate and maintain. The biggest difference in my opinion is the cost of operation. This processor has what most larger names don’t have, and that is affordable parts! Purchasing aftermarket parts to repair a big name processor can cost thousands of dollars a repair. That is not the case with Intelsint, parts and PM’s are affordable. With a year of use we have had no issues with our processor. I’d recommend other labs check this processor out, it could potentially save your company thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs over its lifetime.”

Andy F., Lab Manager

“We just got one for my lab here at Mercer. The quality of the machine and the much lower cost is a welcome feature of this processor.  Long overdue.”

Shirley P., Technical Director Histology



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Processing time 450 biopsies (1mm) in 45 minutes
Level sensors 3
Processing programs 18
Preferred programs with Quick Start 6
Purge Programs 4
Reverse processing special program 1
Max time for each step 99 hh and 59 min
Start process for maximum delay 15 days max
Processing reagents 10 tanks (5L)
Process chamber washing reagents 2 tanks (5L)
Reagents temperature range 20 – 60 C
Paraffin temperature range 55 – 65 C
Processing pressures 600/1200 Hpa
RMS – Reagent management system YES
RFD – Remote fill & drain YES
EWD – External wax dumping YES
PWD – Protected wax dumping YES
Vapor removal Charcoal Filter
Safe reagents YES
Interface 15″ Color touchscreen LCD
Available software languages 12
USB Ports (Data transfer, backup, printer, UPS) 5
Network ports (ethernet) 2
Remote Alarm Port YES
Rating  115/230V – 50/60 Hz
Max Power 1500 W
Weight 226 kg (empty)
Dimension (H/W/D) mm 1500 x 680 x 700
Running ambient temp +10C / +35C
Humidity 70% max
Max elevation 2500 mls
Paraffin waxes 4+1 reserve-volume 2.5L
Wax melting time 8 hours
Wax working temperature range +55C / +65C
Sample processing chamber capacity 450 or 360 standard cassettes
Approvals CE/CTUVus



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Installation & Basic Operator Training
450 cassettes per run max capacity
Small biopsies: 450 in 45 minutes (including pump in/out, not including fixation)
3 Baskets for 120/150 cassettes (with dividers and cover)
1 Baskets carrier
1 User manual
1 Main cord (for electrical supply)
2 Hoses for Remote Fill/Drain
1 Hose for External wax dumping (EWD)
2 Wall rear spacers
1 Remote alarm plug
12 Reagent bottles (5L) – Half Load processing setting will use 2.5L
1 Charcoal filter
1 Condensate bottle
1 15″ touch screen monitor
1 Robust wooden crate and internal packages
cTUVus certified for UL/CSA 61010A-1; 61010A-2-010
CE/IVD certified


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