Leica ASP6025 Tissue Processor

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Leica ASP6025 High Performance Tissue Processor

The Leica ASP6025 High Performance Tissue Processor supports diagnostic clarity thanks to an optimized reagent management system and validated processing protocols. Designed for Lean and ergonomic operation, the Leica ASP6025 High Performance Tissue Processor provides greater productivity with rapid turnaround times. The primary focus of the ASP6025 tissue processor is to ensure all your specimens receive optimal processing.

A familiar interface lets you easily set-up runs correctly, and you can be confident that intelligent automation is constantly monitoring and protecting critical reagents. With speed, flexibility, reduced up-keep, and in-process reagent exchanges, the ASP6025 tissue processor delivers everything you need to set your laboratory on the path to Lean Histology. Plus, staff will appreciate the Leica ASP6025 High Performance Tissue Processor protecting their health with clean technology that reduces xylene and exposure to retort vapors.

The Leica ASP6025 High Performance Tissue Processor focuses on what’s critical - Quality, Specimen Safety, and Productivity.

Technical Specifications:

Operating temperature range: +15 °C to +40 °C

Paraffin containers:

Paraffin melting station: 1
Number of paraffin baths: 3
Capacity: 5.0 L per paraffin bath
Paraffin Temperature: 50 °C to 65 °C

Processing Retort:

Capacity: max. 300 cassettes
Reagent volume: max. 4.6 L (up to fill level of third sensor, without specimen filling)
Temperature (processing reagents): ambient or 35 °C to 60 °C
Temperature (cleaning reagents): 50 °C to 67 °C
Fill time: approx. 90 seconds
Drain time: approx. 80 seconds
Impregnation vacuum: – 35 kPa
Infiltration pressure: +35 kPa
Fill vacuum: – 35 kPa to – 60 kPa
Drain pressure: +25 to +60 kPa


System bottles: 9 (in the reagent cabinet)
RTU–bottles: 6 (in the drawer)
Condensate bottle: 1
Containers for cleaning solutions: 3 (not additional)
Bottle volume: 3.8 and 5.0 L

System setup:

Password status: supervisor/operator/service
Type of password: alphanumeric, freely selectable
Reagent management system (RMS): switch between RMS and concentration measurement
Nominal voltage: two factory-preset voltages (not user-adjustable), 120V ± 10% or 230V ± 10%
Nominal frequency: 50 to 60 Hz


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Dimensions (W x D x H)

29.53"w x 26.77"d x 59.05"h (750 x 680 x 1500 mm)


463 lbs (210 kg) instrument only