Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT Automatic Microtome


The Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT Manual Microtome is a pioneering solution that addresses the diverse needs of microtomists in laboratories. Safety is a top priority, featuring an Automatic Electronic Brake to safeguard operators during specimen handling. Efficiency and cleanliness are enhanced with the Antistatic Waste Tray, reducing cleaning time from minutes to seconds. The Precision-Orientation System ensures consistent results regardless of instrument orientation. The AUTOCUT redefines microtomy, offering versatility, safety, efficiency, and precision for histology work.


Introducing the Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT Manual Microtome: A Revolution in Microtomy

Are you struggling to cater to the diverse needs of microtomists in your lab? The HistoCore AUTOCUT presents a groundbreaking solution designed to provide your users with the freedom they desire. What sets it apart is its unique ability to allow users to select their preferred sectioning mode, be it automated, semi-automated, or manual, based on their personal preferences.

Unleash Personal Freedom with Versatile Sectioning Modes

The HistoCore AUTOCUT empowers every microtomist in your lab by offering a range of sectioning modes to choose from. Whether your preference leans towards automated motorized push-button sectioning, the ease of semi-automated push-button specimen advance and retract, or the traditional full manual control for those who cherish the art of microtomy, the HistoCore AUTOCUT accommodates it all. It’s a microtome unlike any other, offering tailored experiences for every user.

Safety at the Forefront with the Automatic Electronic Brake

Safety is paramount in the lab, and the AUTOCUT takes it seriously. It improves upon past automated models with an Automatic Electronic Brake that springs into action as soon as you pause the automated sectioning function. This advanced feature immediately returns and holds the specimen in the safest position, away from the blade. It’s a proactive safety measure that minimizes the risk of injury to the operator during specimen handling.

Efficiency and Cleanliness Enhanced by Antistatic Waste Tray

Maintaining a clean and efficient workspace is crucial for productive histology work. The AUTOCUT streamlines this aspect with its Antistatic Waste Tray. Crafted from antistatic material, this tray prevents paraffin waste from clinging to the walls, ensuring that cleaning time is drastically reduced from minutes to mere seconds. With the HistoCore AUTOCUT, you can focus on your work without the constant interruption of extensive cleanup.

Consistency Assured with Precision-Orientation System

In histology, consistency is key, and the Precision-Orientation System in the AUTOCUT guarantees just that. Regardless of how you or another technician may have altered the instrument’s orientation, you can always return to a 0-position home on the microtome. This feature eliminates guesswork and ensures that your sections are consistently precise, maintaining the highest standards in your research or clinical practice.

The Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT Manual Microtome redefines microtomy by offering unmatched versatility, safety, efficiency, and consistency. Whether you prefer automated, semi-automated, or manual sectioning, the AUTOCUT caters to your needs. Experience a new era in microtome technology and elevate your histology work to new levels of convenience, safety, and precision with the HistoCore AUTOCUT.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

18.78" x 24.4" x 11.6"


88.2 lbs



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