Leica HistoCore MULTICUT Semi-Auto Microtome


Leveraging over 145 years of microtome design expertise, it ensures consistent, reproducible sections. You have the freedom to choose between manual control using the Personalized Coarse Feed Wheel or effortless motorized operation at the push of a button. Effortless trimming is made possible with Fast Homing and Memory Position, saving you time and enhancing sectioning accuracy. For high-quality immunohistochemistry (IHC), the MULTICUT, when paired with the RM CoolClamp, delivers exceptional results. The Precision-Orientation System guarantees consistent results, regardless of instrument orientation.


Introducing the Leica HistoCore MULTICUT Manual Microtome: Precision with a Twist of Motorization

When the demands of your work require the precision and speed of manual sectioning combined with the efficiency benefits of a semi-automated setup, the HistoCore MULTICUT comes to your rescue. This innovative microtome from Leica Biosystems leverages our 145+ years of expertise in microtome design to offer you the best of both worlds. By merging the agility of a manual microtome with the accuracy of motorized specimen feeding, the MULTICUT empowers you to achieve consistent, reproducible sections.

Manual or Motorized: The Power of Choice with Personalized Coarse Feed Wheel

The HistoCore MULTICUT places the power of choice in your hands. You can advance or retract the specimen in the position that’s most comfortable for you. Whether you prefer the tactile control of manual operation using the Personalized Coarse Feed Wheel or the effortless precision of user-motorized sectioning with the push of a button, the MULTICUT adapts to your workflow seamlessly.

Effortless Trimming Made Possible with Fast Homing and Memory Position

Trimming specimens has never been faster or more effortless, thanks to the Fast Homing and Memory Position feature of the HistoCore MULTICUT. This advanced technology allows the instrument to remember the optimal specimen position for your sectioning. No more time wasted trying to find the perfect starting point. The MULTICUT streamlines the process, enhancing your productivity and sectioning accuracy.

Enhanced Section Quality with the RM CoolClamp

For those seeking to produce high-quality sections for immunohistochemistry (IHC), the MULTICUT is ready to deliver. When used in conjunction with the RM CoolClamp, it ensures that your IHC specimens are handled with the utmost care and precision, meeting the stringent standards of your research or clinical practice.

Antistatic Waste Tray: Efficiency and Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean, efficient, and debris-free workspace is essential for histology work. The HistoCore MULTICUT makes this task a breeze with its Antistatic Waste Tray. Crafted from antistatic material, this tray prevents paraffin waste from adhering to the walls, significantly reducing your cleaning time from minutes to mere seconds. Now you can focus on your research or analysis without the hassle of constant cleanup.

Precision-Orientation System for Consistency

Consistency is paramount in histology, and the Precision-Orientation System in the MULTICUT ensures just that. Regardless of how you or another technician have changed the instrument’s orientation, you can always return to a 0-position home on the microtome. This feature eliminates guesswork and guarantees that your sections are consistently precise, time after time.

In conclusion, the Leica HistoCore MULTICUT Manual Microtome is a groundbreaking instrument that combines the precision of motorization with the flexibility of manual operation. Its innovative features, including manual or motorized options, effortless trimming, section quality enhancement, and a commitment to cleanliness, make it a valuable addition to any histology laboratory or clinical setting. Experience the best of both worlds with the HistoCore MULTICUT and elevate your microtomy to new heights of precision and efficiency.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

18.78" x 24.4" x 11.6"


68 lbs



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