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Leica RM2135 Microtome

The Leica RM2135 microtome is a ‘classic’ manual rotary microtome based on 125 years of Leica experience in manufacturing and design. The RM2135 rotary microtome has been designed for the routine histopathology laboratory where the manual use of a rotary microtome is preferred. The RM2135 is unencumbered by unnecessary features and equipped with all the functions needed on an entry-level microtome.

The ergonomic concept of the RM2135 integrates extraordinary safety standards and user friendly operation.

The RM2135 features zero-backlash and maintenance-free cross roller bearings for the horizontal and vertical specimen feed. This ensures accurate reproducibility of section thickness and optimal section quality. The coarse advance is manually operated by turning the coarse feed wheel. Sectioning takes place by turning the extremely smooth running handwheel.

The Leica RM2135 microtome features a gravitational force compensation system that ensures a very smooth and easy turn of the handwheel to obtain a uniform stroke for excellent, chatter-free sections. Thus, the smooth running handwheel creates stress-free working conditions while reducing repetitive motion disorders to a minimum.

The section thickness is selected via a control knob. The mechanical trimming function (optional) is activated by means of a lever. Specimen retraction is a standard feature and may be turned off when required.

Technical Specifications:

Section thickness setting:

1 – 60um

from 1 -10um in 1um steps

from 10 – 20um in 2um steps

from 20 – 60um in 5um steps

Section thickness indication: visual display

Coarse Fee: manual, via coarse feed wheel

Horizontal specimen feed: approx. 30mm (-10%)

Vertical specimen stroke length:

Max. sectioning area without retraction: 69 mm without specimen orientation 1 um

Max. sectioning area with retraction: 62 mm

Specimen retraction: 200um

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Side coarse feed: 18.7"w x 20.7"d x 12"h (475x525x295mm) Front coarse feed: 16.3"w x 22.2"d x 4.3"h (415x565x110mm)


75 lbs (38 kg)

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