Leica ST5020 Stainer-CV5030 Stainer Coverslipper Workstation


This advanced bench-top system empowers high-throughput operations, simultaneously handling up to 12 slide racks with 30 slides each. Its intuitive touchscreen interface, multiple staining program capabilities, and safety features ensure optimal results. Seamlessly integrating staining and coverslipping processes, this workstation, with its versatile options, streamlines laboratory operations, minimizing hands-on time while maximizing efficiency.


Efficient High Throughput Automation: Leica ST5020-CV5030 Stainer and Coverslipper Workstation

The Leica ST5020 Stainer/TS5025 Transfer Station/CV5030 Coverslipper Workstation represents a cutting-edge automated system, perfectly suited for demanding high-throughput applications. Engineered for seamless efficiency, this bench-top powerhouse can simultaneously process 12 slide racks containing 30 slides each. It facilitates continuous rack loading/unloading via up to 4 load/unload stations without the need to open the instrument lid. Out of the 36 reagent vessels available, 6 can serve as water baths, with one possessing a separate connection for distilled water.

Simultaneous Staining Excellence:

With the Leica ST5020 Stainer/TS5025 Transfer Station/CV5030 Coverslipper Workstation, multiple staining programs can be executed concurrently. The integrated reagent management feature monitors reagent cleanliness in real-time to ensure optimal staining outcomes. Streamlining the process, color-coded slide rack clips (transponders) enable fully automatic staining. An informative status table showcases active stainings, while any potential waste-water tray overfill prompts an audible alarm and automatic supply water valve closure. Moreover, the workstation prioritizes user safety by incorporating an integrated suction/fume control system with an activated carbon filter to mitigate exposure to hazardous fumes.

Intuitive User Interface and Customization:

Programmed through a solvent-resistant color touch screen, the Leica Multistainer embraces user-friendliness. Its intelligent multi-language interface and graphical program display rapidly familiarize operators with its operation. Online help accompanies each menu step, enhancing ease of use. Data management is effortless, thanks to memory card-based saving and loading, with a permanent memory that accommodates up to 25 programs comprising 40 steps each. Versatility abounds, with selectable incubation periods ranging from 1 second to 1 hour and customizable specimen agitation settings encompassing number, speed, and amplitude.

Expanded Possibilities and Full Automation:

A host of supplementary options enrich the Leica ST5020-CV5030 system’s capabilities. It seamlessly connects to the Leica CV5030 coverslipper, enabling automated coverslipping immediately post-staining. Specialized vessel inserts with reduced reagent volume and small slide racks cater to unique staining needs. Additionally, the system accommodates oven modules, with each module containing 2 ovens for de-paraffining (maximum 70 °C). The flexibility extends to heatable reagent vessels, attaining temperatures of up to 70 °C.

Complete Walk-Away Solution:

Unified by the Leica TS5025 Transfer Station, the Autostainer XL ST5020 and the CV5030 Coverslipper coalesce into a fully automated, “walk-away” solution. This integration optimizes the automatic staining and coverslipping process, drastically reducing hands-on time within the laboratory. Elevate your lab’s productivity and precision with the advanced Leica ST5020-CV5030 Stainer and Coverslipper Workstation, a testament to innovation and efficiency in automated workflows.

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Dimensions (D x W x H)

30" x 21" x 42" – ST5020
28.7" x 21" x 44.8" – CV5030


297 lbs – CV5030
198 lbs – ST5020



Operator Manual – ST5020

Operator Manual – CV5030

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