Milestone LOGOS Tissue Processor

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Milestone LOGOS Tissue Processor

The Milestone LOGOS tissue processor is an all-in-one tissue processor with the exclusive Milestone patented microwave hybrid processing technology; addressing the needs of "lean" labs for a flexible tissue processor, LOGOS is highly adaptable to customized workflow streams.

The Milestone LOGOS tissue processor can operate as a conventional resistance heated overnight tissue processor. Ultra-rapid dehydration/clearing steps are carried out by microwave heating technology for faster turnaround. The retort's resistance heating speeds up the ramp-up time to the pre-set processing temperature.

Features include fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode, parallel processing in continuous flexible-size batch mode, up to 140 cassettes with 1-gallon standard reagent containers, up to 210 cassettes with 5-liter reagent jars. The LOGOS tissue processor can process any type of tissue , up to 6 mm thickness.

The Milestone LOGOS tissue processors are green, safe and economical; there is no transfer of reagents to tanks.
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Dimensions (W x D x H)

28"w x 30"d x 43"h


552 lbs