Manual Slide Stainer Set

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Manual Slide Staining Set

Rankin's premium quality Manual Slide Staining Set is designed for use in histology, cytology, microbiology, and hematology lab staining procedures. The set is well designed with features that make its use easy and hassle-free. The set provides simultaneous use of up to 12 stain vessels, each deep enough to permit the total immersion of 1” x 3” slides (2.5 x 7.6 cm).

The frame is made of sturdy solvent-resistant stainless steel with a convenient handle at each end that allows you to easily pick up and move the whole set. The twelve stain vessels are made of durable solvent-resistant, high-density polyethylene that include a hinged, tight-fitting lid to help eliminate evaporation. The Manual Slide Staining Set has been retro fitted with a stainless steel rail on the back side to hold the lids at an angle that is easy to access, especially when used under a fume containment hood. The stain set comes standard with one 25-place slide carrier that is open on all four sides and the bottom for rapid draining. The grooves in the slide carrier are friction-free, thus providing an easy in and out of the slides - there is no more hazardous forcing the slides into and pulling out of the slide carrier. The slide carrier handle can be extended an extra 5.5" higher with the attachment of an extension handle, which provides more distance between the carrier and your hands.

The Manual Slide Staining Set vessels and slide carriers are easy to clean and are resistant to chemicals used in common staining procedures in histology, cytology, microbiology, and hematology labs.


Frame - 29"l x 5"w x 4.5"h
Stain vessel - 4"l x 1.75"w x 4"h
Slide carrier without handle - 3.5”l x 1.25”w x 3.63”h. 8"h with extension handle

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Metal Frame: 29"w x 5"d x 4.5"h