Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module

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Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module

The Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module offers consistent antigen retrieval that optimizes staining consistency for high quality immunohistochemistry. The Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module is an easy-to-use pre-treatment system that allows the entire pre-treatment process of deparaffinization, rehydration and epitope retrieval to be combined into a well-documented, 3-in-1 specimen preparation procedure, thus maximizing productivity and saving time by using the same slide racks from pre-treatment all the way through the immunohistochemical staining.

Using gentle heat, the Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment antigen retrieval device quickly produces outstanding results while maintaining the integrity of delicate tissue. In addition, most users can streamline testing practices by consolidating various antigen retrieval methods into only 1 or 2 antigen retrieval device procedures which can be run simultaneously. Precise temperature control is maintained by the Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module without the damaging effects of temperature variations, microwaves, or pressure to deliver a level of consistency unmatched by any other instrument available. To perform target antigen retrieval, simply set the desired parameters for time and temperature and begin the run.

Quality control reports from the pre-treatment process can be printed directly from the user-friendly software, while additional confidence in the procedures come from features such as no-boil option and low-fluid warning at 5 mm below the frosted label area of a slide. Options such as delayed start and preheat mode provides the flexibility that is required to make pre-treatment work in parallel with other processes.


Preheat mode holds the buffer solution at a user-selectable temperature between 30 °C and 85 °C.

The total slide capacity of 48 slides per run ensures that pre-treatment will not be a bottleneck in the staining process.

Delay Start lets you preset the start time.

Maximum temperature setting for target retrieval mode is 102 °C

The Thermo PT Link Pre-Treatment Module also features a no-boil option and a low-fluid warning for added confidence.

Optional Accessories:

PT Link Rinse Station (plastic container to hold slides, including lid) - used to hold the working Wash Buffer Solution

Spare Tank with Cover

PT Slide Rack - holds 12 slides, compatible with either the Dako or Thermo IHC Autostainer

Target Retrieval Solution - not included

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PT Link Module

Dimensions (W x D x H)

25" X 10" X 10" Maximum height with lid open: 16.5 in. (43cm)


33 lb