Leica CM1800 Cryostat

Leica CM1800 Cryostat

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Leica CM1800 Cryostat

The Leica CM1800 cryostat with 2020-C microtome has a handwheel that is ergonomically positioned for convenient accessibility, a safety lock that prevents inadvertent movements of the specimen head to safeguard user against injuries when changing the specimen or knife, and an easily readable display that automatically displays error conditions.

All programmed parameters are protected in the event of a main power failure by battery-backup. Easy operation is ensured through up-to-date microprocessor technology.

A locking key prevents inadvertent changes of the programmed set temperature and defrost time. Easy-to-use specimen orientation produces top quality sections, even of critical samples such as skin. The motorized coarse feed enables rapid trimming and sectioning.

The compact external dimensions are tailored to the need for minimum space requirements. The cryochamber is spacious enough, however, to give the operator plenty of work and storage space. The cryocabinet is mounted on casters.

The CM1800 incorporates a single-stage compressor which cools both the evaporator and the chamber walls and will reach a temperature range down to -35 degrees C (when sliding window open).

The Leica CM1800 has a 24-hour automatic defrost. The defrost is automatic hot gas and programmable in 15 minute increments with a duration of 12 minutes. During defrosting, only the frost on the evaporator is removed. Condensation water is automatically drained to a waste container and evaporates. Frost melting on the evaporator produces a water vapor, which may form frost on the cold surfaces. This will disappear a few hours after the defrost cycle. Routine defrosting should preferably be programmed during the night. This ensures a cold and dry chamber atmosphere and frost-free microtome in the morning.

The microtome section thickness range is 1 – 60 um, specimen orientation +/- 7 degrees, specimen feed 25 mm, and vertical stroke 59 mm.

A very high work load or unfavorable temperature and humidity conditions in the laboratory may increase the formation of frost on the evaporator and thus limit refrigeration. Therefore, a manual defrost is also available. The CM1800 will attain its specified performance only in optimal operating conditions. Drafts from open windows and doors, or from air conditioning outlets as well as the exposure to direct sunlight and heaters may increase the formation of frost and thus limit refrigeration. Therefore, the CM1800 cryostat must be set up in a place excluding such negative effects.

The Leica CM1800 cryostat comes with a complete set of parts and accessories.

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CM 1800

Dimensions (W x D x H)

27.4"w x 26.4"d x 45.9"h (700 x 677 x 1170 mm)


275 lbs (125 kg)