Microm HM 325 Manual Microtome

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Microm HM325 Rotary Microtome

The Microm HM325 rotary microtome provides extraordinarily high stability and precision as well as outstanding ergonomic characteristics. It is a highly efficient instrument which can be used for paraffin sectioning as well as for hard sectioning in any clinical, research, and industrial application.

The HM325 cuts sections in a range from 0.5um up to 60um. For the protection of knife and specimen, the instrument retracts the specimen at the end of the cut. The HM325 offers specimen retraction during return travel, quick trim feature at 10 and 30 microns and a section counter.

Forward and backward travel is carried out by the coarse feed wheel allowing quick adjustments of the specimen and knife edge distance. An additional trimming function offers two defined steps to permit fine adjustment up to the first cuts and results in larger section thicknesses when trimming.

The knife carriers of the Microm HM325 roatrory micrrotome are easy to use, can be moved sideways and are equipped with guards for user safety while adjusting the knife and specimens. A dovetail guide is screwed on the base plate. This guide is designed universally so that the different knife carriers can be clamped and moved to the front and the back.

A section counter with LC-display shows the number of sections made.

The Microm HM325 rotary microtome has an integrated, large section waste tray that is an exclusive design feature of Microm.

Features include:

Microns can be adjusted from the left or right side for user comfort

Wing-style dovetail knife support

Removable blade carrier levers to help protect settings

Protective blade guard design that moves blade without exposing blade edge

Zero position specimen head

Smooth turning handwheel and precision micrometer feed system

Vertical movement on maintenance-free cross roller bearings

Integrated section trimming devise automatically trims block at 10 and 30mm

Integrated waste tray with arm rests


Section thickness range: 0.5um to 60um

Resolution (increments):

0.5um for 0.5 – 2um

1um for 2-10um

2um for 10-20um

5um for 20-60um

Retraction during return travel: approx. 60um

Horizontal feed range: max. 28mm

Vertical specimen stroke: max. 64mm

Trimming stage 1: 10um

Trimming stage 2: 30um

Specimen Size: 55 x 50 mm

x- and y- axes: universal 8 degrees

z- axis: up to 360 degrees

Cutting drive: manual by means of handwheel

Coarse feed: manual by means of handwheel

The Microm HM325 rotary microtome comes standard with a Disposable Blade Carrier E, Specimen Clamp (universal cassette or standard), hex wrench 6 mm, and operator manual. 

Optional are Standard Knife Carrier N and Knife Carrier C.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.5"w x 19.3"d x 11"h (420x490x280 mm)


49 lbs (22 kg)

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