Refurbished Olympus BX 51 Microscope

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Olympus BX 51 Microscope

The Olympus BX 51 research microscope features a unique two-component frame design which optimizes mechanical and thermal stability for the most sophisticated microscopy and imaging tasks. Unique accessories address today’s imaging challenges and broaden system versatility.

The new seven-position revolving nosepiece gives rapid access to a greater range of objective magnifications while the universal condenser stretches imaging options with eight positions, available for insertion of phase annuli and DIC prisms. New DIC accessories optimize imaging conditions to the specimen for best image resolution and contrast. Users can select specimen specific DIC equipment. A new fluorescence illuminator has greatly expanded optical efficiency, extending low light-level fluorescence detection and yielding images with doubled brightness.
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BX 51

Dimensions (W x D x H)

12"w x 23"d x 18"h


35 lbs