Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer

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Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer

The Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer is a compact unit containing all the elements you need to perform a variety of staining procedures in both histology and cytology labs. It features; a heater/dryer compartment which is controlled by a thermostat, 28 linear stations, a continuous water rinse that can be selected when desired, a fume extraction system, a 2″ per minute chain speed, and a throughput of 360 slides per hour.

The original analog thermostat on the Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer is upgradable with a Rankin-retrofitted digital thermostat. The digital thermostat provides much tighter temperature regulation than the original analog thermostat. The digital thermostat will maintain a temperature range of between 50 to 80 degrees C. It also features a temperature viewing screen which eliminates the use of the original manual thermometer.

With continuous feed loading, you won’t need to accumulate batches of slides for staining. The linear series of 28 buckets will serve a variety of stains, solvents, and other reagents.

The GLX Linear Slide Stainer drains the waste water by gravity into a facility sink or drain.

The built-in fume extraction unit on the back of the stainer greatly reduces the emission of xylene and other fumes into laboratory areas. Replacing expired charcoal filters is quick and easy (New Activated Filter part# 9990610 - $99).

The Rankin-refurbished Thermo Shandon GLX Linear Slide Stainer includes 28 new or like-new buckets, a new acrylic lid, and a new activated carbon filter.

Consumables available:
New Activated Filter part# 9990610 - $99

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Thermo Scientific, Thermo Shandon


Slide Stainer


Linistain GLX

Dimensions (W x D x H)

14"w x 59.5"d x 10.75"h (355.6×1511.3×273.1mm)


60 lbs (27.2 kg)