Dako Autostainer Universal Slide Stainer

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Dako Autostainer Universal Slide Stainer

The Dako Autostainer Universal slide stain features high quality staining that makes interpretation easy, consistent, and dependable. It eliminates the cost and inconvenience of repeat process. The flexible open systems allow multiple protocols and detection systems to run simultaneously suitable for both clinical and research applications.

With the Dako Autostainer Universal slide stainer you have versatility and flexibility to vary multiple parameters within a single run (protocol incubation times and antibody dilutions). Room temperature operation facilitates work with all primary antibodies.

The Dako Autostainer Universal slide stainer is a high capacity system capable of staining 48 slides with 64 on-board reagents. Windows 95/98 based software with intuitive graphic operator interface makes setup operation simple.

Automated reports management provides standardized documentation. Visible horizontal staining mimics manual procedure and simplifies conversion of manual protocols.

Slide labeling from the software links the patient ID and staining protocol to eliminate and improve patient care.

Separation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste safely handles toxic materials and reduces the cost of disposal. Costs are low due to the elimination of expensive vials or dispensers, buffer trays, and picking special slides.

The Dako Autostainer Universal slide stainer is compatible with FDA approved Herceptest.

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Slide Stainers




Autostainer Universal

Dimensions (W x D x H)

40”w x 27”d x 24”h


140 lb (63.5 kg)

Power Requirements

120V;110/120V(+/-10%), 60Hz (+/- 2 Hz)