Zeiss-Microm DS-50 Slide Stainer

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Zeiss-Microm DS-50 Slide Stainer

The Zeiss-Microm DS-50 slide stainer is fully programmable and meets the requirements of histology, hematology, cytology, microbiology and pathology laboratories. The Zeiss-Microm DS-50 slide stainer offers the efficiency, safety features and ease of operation customers have come to expect from Carl Zeiss. Equally important, the system's flexibility allows you to define your own protocols and remain consistent with your laboratory's individual procedures and requirements.


The slide carrier is designed for easy loading and removal of slides by grasping the carrier with one hand and inserting slides straight into the guide slots with other hand.
The stainer is fitted with a safety interlock that prevents the unit from operating when the hood is lifted.
The stainer enables you to easily and quickly print out a stored program.
The transparent hood reduces emmission of solvents into the lab area.
An exhaust fan is built in and can be externally exhausted using optional PN 900934.

Functional Modes:

Manual - operating one step at a time
Run - executing your stored staining procedures
Program - writing and storing a program
Review - reviewing a stored program
Test - running the manufacturer's test program
Remote - control and documentation with a personal computer

Operational Modes:

Agitation - moves immersed slides up and down in the batch
Soak - causes the slides to remain immersed in the last bath of a program
Flow through - fluid flows through the tank and out the drain
Recirculate - fluid is continuously recirculated
Still-fluid - fluid in wash bath remains motionless
Temperature - sets the temperature in the drying well (25 degrees to 80 degrees C)
Program advance - advances to the next step in the program

Technical Specifications:

Input Line Pressure: 10 to 100 PSIA
Flow-Through Rate: approximately 1 Liter/min
Recirculation Rate: pump set at approximately 3.5 Liters/min
Water-In Line: 3/8" reinforced flexible tubing to fit standard laboratory water tap. Adapter required for other taps.
Drain Line: 1/2" flexible tubing
Wash Tank Capacity: approximately 1,750 ml

Microm programmable slide stainers are available in four different model configurations to match yyour laboratory's needs:

MS-50 - 8 Reagent Stations, 50 Slide Capacity, 1,200 ml Vessel Capacity
MS-100 - 4 Reagent Stations and 100 Slide Capacity, 600 ml Vessel Capacity
DS-50 - 20 Reagent Stations and 50 Slide Capacity, 1,200 ml Vessel Capacity
DS-100 - 10 Reagent Stations and 100 Slide Capacity, 600 ml Vessel Capacity


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Zeiss – Microm


Slide Stainers


MS-100 MS-50 DS-100 DS-50

Dimensions (W x D x H)

MS-100 & MS-50: 32"w x 16"d x 22"h (88.9×40.6×55.9cm) DS-100 & DS-50: 35"w x 24"d x 22"h ( 88.9×61.0x55.9cm)


MS-100 & MS-50: 83 lbs (37.7 kg) DS-100 & DS-50: 116 lbs (52.2 kg)

Power Requirement

115 VAC nominal, (105 to 128), 50/60 Hz, 3.6 A peak