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New Rankin ColorPro Slide Stainer

The new Rankin ColorPro slide stainer is a compact programmable linear stainer that conveniently partners with a cryostat in any laboratory setting, and is especially suited for Mohs surgery labs. The ColorPro is ideal for a variety of specimen types; Mohs skin, surgical frozen sections, biopsies, needle aspirates, and cytological.

Lean and versatile, the Rankin ColorPro slide stainer allows for continuous loading for optimum laboratory workflow and trouble-free dip and advance operation. The ColorPro’s flexible programming and advanced automation allows the technician to load the stainer, walk away to do other important tasks, and return when the audible end-of-run signal goes off. It is excellent for both routine and stat runs.

Staining quality is consistent from run-to-run with optional agitation, running fresh water and customizable protocols. The Rankin ColorPro slide stainer includes a programmable station time, number of dips, and start position. Variable protocol allows selectable start positions

The maximum throughput is up to 900 slides per hour staining up to 72 slides at the same time. Slide carriers hold up to 4 slides each and can be added during a staining run using the Pause/Stop function.

The Rankin ColorPro slide stainer holds up to 14 reagent containers and 3 optional rinse water containers (50 ml reagent volume). The exit tank holds up to four processed slide carriers (16 slides). Small containers keep waste and reagent costs to a minimum.

An optional plexiglas fume hood is available.

Made in the USA


  • Fits on top of most cryostats

  • Ideal for H&E staining

  • Each slide carrier stains up to 4 slides at a time

  • Agitation can be programmed for 0 to 3 dips

  • Continuous loading feature to keep up with lab demand

  • Programmable station timing from 2 to 300 seconds

  • 14 reagent stations including 3 running rinse water stations

  • Holding station for 16 processed slides

  • Only 50 ml per reagent container

  • Up to 900 slides per hour at 10 sec station time


    • Number of Stations: 14

    • Slide Carrier Capacity: 4 slides

    • Number of Rinse Stations: Up to 3 (user configurable)

    • Processed Slide Holding Tank:  Up to 16 slides (4 slide carriers)

    • Reagent Container Volume: 50 ml

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Slide Stainers



Dimensions (W x D x H)

24.5"w x 8.5"d x 11"h


35 lbs

Power Requirement

Voltage: 100-240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, Current: 1 Amp Maximum


New or Refurbished