Leica RM2125 Rotary Microtome

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Leica RM2125 Rotary Microtome

The Leica RM2125 rotary microtome family has been designed for the routine histopathology laboratory where the manual use of a rotary microtome is preferred. The RM2125 is unencumbered by unnecessary features and equipped with all the functions needed from an entry-level microtome. The Leica RM2125 rotary microtome is the instrument of choice if you are looking for a microtome that provides unrivalled sectioning quality.  The Leica RM2125 rotary microtome has been designed for effortless manual sectioning via a counter-balanced, exceptionally smooth-running handwheel. Storage space on top of the instrument housing provides room for sectioning tools and accessories.

The Leica RM2125 rotary microtome comes in two different versions – the Leica RM2125 and Leica RM2125 RT.

Features common to both the RM2125 and 2125RT versions are; they are equipped with specimen orientation, anti-tilt function, and a slot cover that prevents debris from entering the precision micrometer feeding system. The convenient, closely positioned coarse feed wheel promotes ergonomic and fatique-free trimming. The reliable precision-spindle micrometer feed combined with a special stable cylinder guide mechanism ensures low-vibration sectioning and highly reproducable results. The quick release clamping system can be operated with one hand and easily permits rapid change of the specimen holder thanks to a retainer system. In adddition to the traditional locking lever located below the handwheel, the handwheel handle is equipped with a safety quick-lock mecanism. When activated it immediately locks the handwheel in the upper position. A selection dial allows thickness settings from as low as 0.5um to a maximum of 60um.

The universal knife/blade holder E is equipped with a lateral displacement feature, so that the full length of the knife edge can be used without having to change the tension setting on the previously clamped knife or blade. A safety guard can be used to cover the knife edge, providing safety protection when not in use. The specimen orientation system with reliable anti-tilt function ensures accurate orientation of the specimen surface relative to the knife. The 60mm stroke allows sectioning of either cassette- or paraffin block-embedded specimens to a size of approximately 50 x 50 mm.

In addition to the above features common to both versions, the Leica RM2125 RT (Retraction & Trimming) rotary microtome comes with a two-step trimming function and specimen retraction as additional features. By activating the mechanical trimming function, the specimen advances toward the knife in pre-defined steps of 10 um or 50um, which provides an efficient method of trimming specimen blocks. Specimen retraction prolongs the life of the cutting surface, facilitates consistent sectioning, and eliminates the build-up of debris on the back of the knife or blade. The RM215RT microtomes are very popular in Europe.

RM2125 Technical Specifications:

Section thickness settings:

0.5 – 60um

from 0 – 2um in 0.5um steps

from 2 – 10um in 1um steps

from 10 – 20um in 2um steps

from 20 – 60um in 5um steps

Section thickness indication: visual display

Coarse Fee: manual, via coarse feed wheel

Horizontal specimen feed: approx. 28mm

Vertical specimen stroke length: 60mm (+/- 1 mm)

Specimen orientation (x/y): 8 degrees

RM2125RT Technical Specifications:

Same as RM2125 plus:

Trimming thickness sections: 10 and 50um

Specimen retraction: 220um

Optional accessories:

Section waste tray

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RM2125 and RM2125RT

Dimensions (W x D x H)

11.6"w x 18.5"d x 15.8"h (295x470x400 mm)


64 lbs (29 kg)

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