General Data SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III

General Data SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III

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General Data Healthcare SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III 

SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III is the most recent advancement in rapid slide drying technology and a perfect solution for large volume labs. The control panel function keys provide operator-defined programming to control multi-user drying times. Different drying times can be programmed and each drying time has its own unique alarm that sounds when an item is ready to be removed.

The Slide Dryer III increases lab productivity while maintaining superior results. Due to its precise controls, labs can use the SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III can function as a dryer, oven, or incubator to accommodate many needs, including keeping paraffin liquefied.

The SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III’s innovative large capacity interior and 2 shelves (1 adjustable) allows it to accommodate many different sizes of slide racks or bowls that need to be kept warm.

SHUR Dry Slide Dryer III features:

Forced air, Ambient to 75°C

6 Operator-definable Programs for controlling drying times

Microprocessor Controlled

See-through Glass on Front and 2 Sides

9W Recessed Fluorescent Light

4 3,200 rpm Fans

2-speed Fan Selectability

700w, 18” Heat Strip

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General Data Healthcare


Slide Dryer



Dimensions (W x D x H)

21"w x 11"d x 14"h


70 lbs