General Data SHURStain SS-3L Manual Stainer

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General Data SHURStain SS-3L Manual Stainer

This modular stain set is used in histology, cytology, dermatology, IHC, special staining, hematology, and microbiology applications.

The General Data SHURStain SS-3L Manual Stainer consists of three 250 ml containers; 2 white (SS-WLW) and 1 green solvent resistant container (SS-WLG).

A rack holds the containers and allows the entire set to be picked up and moved easily with built-in handles. Multiple containers can be interlocked side by side to extend its functionality.

It also includes one 24-position plastic slide carrier (SS-SRG-24), a digital timer and twelve label strips (SS-LS-3L) to record reagent expiration dates, lot #'s, etc.

A see-through lexan cover with knob is included for safety during periods of frequent use and three individual lids are provided for use during extended inactivity.

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General Data Healthcare


Manual Stainer Rack



Dimensions (W x D x H)

6"w x 8"d x 7"h


35 lbs