Thermo Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer

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Thermo Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer

The Thermo Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer is designed for high throughput, precision, safety, durability and ultimate flexibility in histology and cytology staining applications. It features load-on-demand multiple baskets and programs, power outage backup and built in fume control to make staining easier, faster and safer.

Maximize efficiency by organizing staining workflow with the multidimensional Thermo Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer. The Gemini ES is an open system that utilizes Thermo Scientific stains and reagents. This Thermo Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer's single button, easy-to-use software schedules runs, allocates reagents, optimizes reagent layout, and calculates the most efficient route for each protocol.

Loads 20-slide baskets with up to 100 slides at once
Step-start available from any station
Urgent Start gives user opportunity to prioritize “urgent” baskets
Auto-return allows user to recall any loaded basket to load door
Suggested staining protocols can be easily modified to lab procedures
Capable of managing multiple protocols without affecting throughput

Quality Control and Safety Features:
Displays reagent usage and batch throughput
Controls fumes through an easy-to-change carbon filter or an optional external vent adapter kit
Offers optional passcode protection to secure customized protocols
Battery backup provides approximately 40 min. of power in the event of a power failure
Smart software keeps unit's robotic arm from entering user access areas

The Thermo Varistain Gemini ES Automated Slide Stainer includes:

A total of six water stations, 26 reagent stations, and four configurable loading and unloading stations

Charcoal filter
Staining basket and carrier (two packs of five each)
Three-well water station (two fitted)
Pack of six single pot covers
Pack of four multi-pot covers
8′ (2.5m) long water inlet hose
Cytology stainer (without heat)
35 stain pots supplied, fitted
Histology stainer (with heat)
30 stain pots supplied, fitted
Pack of three spare staining pots
Monitor cable
Screened data cable
Operator manual

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Gemini ES

Dimensions (W x D x H)

28.5"w x 28"d x 34.5"h ( 720x710x880mm)


176 lbs (80 kg)