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histology equipment financing payment plan from Rankin biomedical powered by TEAM financial

Financing for histology equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re like 80% of our customers, then limited up-front resources may be hindering you from starting or expanding your lab. Keep your cash, and leverage our equipment leasing program to get your lab the automation it needs to grow. Use the payment calculator to see for yourself how the revenue your lab could generate with upgraded automation significantly exceeds the monthly cost of the financed equipment.

Did you know?

80% of our customers that set up a new histology lab finance their purchase. 

If you already have a quote from your Rankin sales representative, just inform them that you’d like to see the lease payment plan options and they will get the process started immediately. Or, download the lease application below and send it to your sales representative or email to

Benefits to You

Keep your cash

No down payment – 100% financing is available, allowing your cash to be saved for more people, facilities, and marketing.

Chicken or Egg?

You may need more volume to generate more revenue, but in order to handle more volume you need more automation, but you need more revenue to afford more automation. Sound familiar? End that vicious cycle now with easy monthly lease payments to take your lab to the next level.

24-Hour Approval

The lease proposal and application process is quick and painless. After you submit your application, you will likely be approved in less than 24 hours, and in some cases, the same day.

Retained Value

We buy back 10 to 20-year old machines from labs every day of the year, because histology instrumentation holds it’s value extraordinarily well due to the slow pace of technological improvements in today’s histology market. At the end of your lease, typically 3 years, you will own the equipment outright without it having lost much of it’s market value.


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