Contemplating Financing Your Equipment?

If limited up-front resources are hindering you from starting or expanding your lab, overcome this hurdle with a competitive financing option so you can use lab revenue to make small monthly payments.

Did you know that 80% of businesses nationwide finance all or some of their capital equipment?

Rankin Biomedical offers easy, budget-friendly financing on Rankin-Refurbished and New Histology and Cytology equipment to get your lab off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Financing

Immediate Purchase Power

  • No down payment – 100% financing is available allowing cash to be saved for other areas of the business.

Reasonable Payments and Expenses

  • Your payments are often greatly lower than traditional loans. Often there is little to no up-front cost due at closing. Out-of-pocket expenses like shipping, freight, installation, and training my also be included.

Cash Flow Stabilization

  • Leasing allows for the payment of the equipment to match the cash inflow through generated revenue.

Frees up Working Capital

  • Many true leases or operating leases are considered off-balance sheet financing which essentially leaves your credit lines intact for other business purposes. Leasing may also create more appealing financial ratios for future business ventures.

Acts to fix Expenses and Hedge against Inflation

  • Having a fixed payment makes it easier to maintain an accurate budget. By locking in a fixed interest rate, you create a hedge against inflation and pay today’s payment on yesterday’s dollar value.

Avoids Obsolescence

  • Operating leases give you more freedom and ease in updating equipment. Rapid changes in today’s technology make it difficult to stay on the cutting edge – leasing allows for updating equipment easily.

Provides Tax Benefits

  • Lease payments are extremely tax advantageous with the possibility of expensing payments up to 100%

Application Process is Fast and Easy

  • Answers to your questions can be provided within hours and sometimes only an application is required. Large deals may require additional information, but the entire process is quite quick.

Types of Financing

Fair Market Value – Lease for a Specific Time Period and Return

  • Provides the lowest possible monthly payment
  • May allow you to have off-balance sheet financing
  • Hedges you against equipment obsolescence

Loan to Purchase – $1 Buy Out – Conditional Sale

  • You own the equipment upon termination of lease
  • You have a fixed payment for more accurate budgeting
  • You can claim depreciation and interest deductions
  • Hedges you against volatile interest rates

Purchase Upon Termination – 10% or 20%

  • Allows you the choice to purchase or continue leasing on a month-to-month basis
  • You receive the benefits of ownership at a lower monthly payment
  • Alleviates cash flow strains compared to a fully amortized loan

Terms of Financing

  • 24 month, 36 month, 48 month, 60 month, ask for other options

Call Rankin’s talented sales team at 248.625.4104 or fill out the form below to discuss our financing options.

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