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We supply a comprehensive line of new and refurbished histological equipment and provides equipment PM and repair service, depot refurbishment and repair, replacement parts, equipment installation, operator training, and service agreements.

refurbished Leica RM2255 automated microtome

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  • CelLock TM: An innovative standardized cell-block preparation procedure
    Histology Educational Series In the previous blog we saw that every histology laboratory has a method for preparing paraffin cell-block specimens, and we reviewed those methods.  This review showed that all of these methods display various deficiencies with regard to collecting and preserving the entirety of the patient specimen with optimal retention of all of …

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  • CellBlockistry – The Time is Now
    Histology Educational Series Every histology laboratory has a method for preparing paraffin cell-block specimens.  Certain cytology specimens, fine needle aspirates (FNAs), tiny tissue fragments, fragmented needle core biopsies and suspensions of cells for both clinical and research evaluation all require a method to get the specimen from the specimen container into a paraffin block for …

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  • Troubleshooting Histology: Double Barrel Style – H&E and Special Stains
    Why even bother to learn about troubleshooting? Wouldn’t it be more interesting to listen to one of the presentations on molecular technology? Possibly. But what would you do if your pathologist brought you a slide from the first batch of today’s H&E’s that looked sub-optimal to review alongside an optimal slide stained the previous day? …

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