sakura accu-edge disposable microtome blades banner image from Rankin Biomedical
Rankin Basics semi-automated histology microtome
taped lilac simport cassettes
blue taped simport embedding cassettes
embedding tweazers, paraffin dispenser, and embedding mold
sakura vip 5 tissue processor leica st5020 slide stainer rankin basics mct45 semi automated microtome and thermo slidemate slide printer
slide labeler with ribbon, thermo scientific slidemate slide printer, slide and cassette labeling marker
rankin basics microscope slides open box of 72 clipped corner non charged white tab
sakura accu edge high profile microtome blades 4685, kimtech kimwipes, microtomy brush
thermo epredia linistat slide stainer, mohs freeze spray, rankin basics tissue freezing medium oct, round groove purple cryo chuck and waffle groove yellow cryostat for mohs
eki pre filled formalin jar, anatech pro par xylene substitute clearant, formalex 20l 5 gallon cube with dispenser nozzle
ek industries eosin stain for H&E staining, anatech hematoxylin extra for H&E staining, cancer diagnostics CDI tissue marking dye 7 color kit with applicators and acrylic stand



Since 1995, Rankin Biomedical has served the anatomic pathology industry, guided by our core values that drive our daily decisions: Put People First, Find Solutions, Obsess Over Excellence, Lead Through Virtue



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refurbished Leica RM2255 automated microtome

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