Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat


This cryostat integrates user comfort and safety, featuring a fatigue-free ribbon sectioning section motor and section thickness selection outside the cryochamber. Its precision-oriented design ensures reproducibly thin serial sections of the highest quality, making it ideal for delicate specimens like brain samples in neuroscience. Stay organized with its integrated storage solutions and work hands-free using the motor drive with foot pedal, all while experiencing ergonomic excellence in its low working height and knee space.


Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat

Experience Precision and Comfort: Unveiling the Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat, meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of biomedical, neuro-anatomical, and pharmaceutical research. For delicate specimens such as brain samples in neuroscience, this cryostat offers an unparalleled level of precision. The specimen orientation system, coupled with a step motor-driven feed system, ensures the creation of consistently thin serial sections of the utmost quality.

Enhanced User Comfort, Uncompromised Safety: The Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostatsets new standards in user comfort and safety across various cryosectioning applications. As a choice instrument for both research and advanced clinical cryosectioning needs, it integrates a sectioning motor for fatigue-free ribbon sectioning. The convenience of selecting section thickness outside the cryochamber further streamlines the process.

Efficiency Meets Hygiene: Revolutionize your workflow with the Leica CM3050 S Cryostat’s efficient cleaning process. Disinfecting the instrument with Leica Cryofect disinfectant spray at around -20°C takes just under 25 minutes. It’s an instrument designed to optimize both precision and efficiency.

Mastering Precision Sectioning: Working with large samples demands accurate specimen orientation and feed. The Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat excels with its precise specimen orientation system, allowing x/y adjustment of up to 8°. The 25mm horizontal feed in the specimen feed system guarantees reproducible thin sections that meet the highest quality standards.

Cryochamber Excellence: Encounter unmatched stability in cryochamber temperatures with the Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat. This cryostat incorporates highly efficient insulating materials and a dedicated cooling system, ensuring consistent temperatures even during extended serial sectioning sessions.

Stay Organized, Stay Focused: Your efficiency is paramount, and the Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat caters to your needs. A large cryochamber houses both a freezing stage and tool tray, while an accessible storage area on top of the cryostat keeps critical items within arm’s reach. The motor drive with a foot-pedal liberates your hands for sample handling, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Precision in Every Detail: Elevate your target preparation with the section thickness totalizer, counter, and reset button, enhancing your control over every aspect of sectioning. These intuitive features not only facilitate efficient trimming between levels but also provide the flexibility to carry out a predetermined number of sections in both sectioning and trimming modes. With these tools at your fingertips, achieve meticulous results that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

Ergonomic Excellence: Elevate your working experience further with the ergonomic brilliance of the Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat. Its low working height and generous knee space ensure a comfortable sitting position, allowing you to delve into focused work effortlessly. Embrace a harmonious blend of precision, comfort, and efficiency with the Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat, a symbol of Leica’s unwavering dedication to fostering excellence in both research and clinical practice.

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CM3050 S



Dimensions (W x D x H)

35 x 30 41 in


397 lbs



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