Airfiltronix G50 Fume Containment Hood

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Introducing the Airfiltronix G50 Fume Containment Hood: Masterful Protection for Your Workspace

Innovative Containment: Defending Your Workspace Experience the pinnacle of contamination control with the Airfiltronix G50 Fume Containment Hood. Crafted to perfection, these hoods encapsulate materials and operations under negative pressure, preventing the escape of airborne contaminants into your workspace. With precision, contaminated air is meticulously drawn through a spectrum of filters, ensuring the removal of pollutants. Enjoy the versatility of combining filters for comprehensive substance filtration, securing your environment.

Crystal-Clear Design: Acrylic Precision Witness the fusion of form and function with the construction of the Airfiltronix G50. Crafted from robust, clear 1/4″ thick acrylic panels, supported by durable aluminum framing, these hoods offer a window into efficiency. Equipped with a clear vinyl curtain, access becomes effortless while maintaining optimal airflow dynamics. For tailor-made configurations, optional door and sash designs await your command.

Empowerment in Airflow: Blower/Filter Excellence Embrace airflow mastery with the Airfiltronix G50’s blower/filter modules. Traditionally mounted atop the hood, these modules house a high-efficiency, brushless AC motor crowned by a dynamically balanced backward-curved impeller. With the power to generate up to 530 cubic feet per minute (cfm) in unrestricted air, this solution operates at a mere noise level below 68 dB, revolutionizing containment efficiency.

Adaptability Redefined: Remote Module Option Empower your workspace with adaptability using the remote module option. By seamlessly connecting blower/filter modules via PVC hose, even limited spaces won’t hinder your setup’s prowess. Elevate your workspace without compromise.

Freedom of Choice: Venting Versatility Unlock a realm of possibilities with the Airfiltronix G50. Opt for a ductless setup by purchasing without blower and filter units, seamlessly connecting to an existing venting system. Alternatively, embrace the venting adapter kit, empowering your blower for both filtering and outside venting. Choice becomes your ally.

Tailored Excellence: Size, Configuration, Filters Seize customization with the Airfiltronix G50, tailored to your specifications. From size to configuration, we stand ready to craft a solution that mirrors your vision. Strengthen your protection with a range of filter options, handpicked to match your application needs.

Discover the Specifications: Precision in Numbers Delve into the specifications of the Airfiltronix G50, from power requirements (115V, 50/60 Hz, 100W) to its commanding blower (530 CFM in free air), each figure embodies precision. Operating within a noise level below 68 dB, this hood encompasses your workspace in tranquility.

Unveiling Possibilities: Beyond the Ordinary Experience a realm of possibilities with the Airfiltronix G50 Fume Containment Hood. Whether connecting to venting systems, customizing sizes, or selecting filters, our commitment to your success knows no bounds. Elevate your workspace’s safety, efficiency, and versatility – contact us to embark on this journey to superior containment mastery.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

50" x 18" x 32.5"


98 lbs



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