Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood


Operating under negative pressure, this advanced system encapsulates materials, preventing contaminants from escaping. Featuring robust construction, customizable configurations, and an innovative filtration system, it ensures air purity and process visibility. The variable blower speed control optimizes performance, while versatile ventilation options offer ductless or outside venting. With a commitment to user-specific needs and a focus on durability, this fume containment hood redefines laboratory safety standards, creating an environment of controlled excellence.


Enhance Laboratory Safety and Efficiency with the Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood

Revolutionize your laboratory’s safety protocols with the Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood from the ‘G’ Series. Designed to create a controlled environment under negative pressure, this advanced containment system encapsulates materials and operations, preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment.

Embrace a future of superior air quality and streamlined processes with this cutting-edge fume containment solution.

Advanced Containment: Total Airborne Contaminant Control

The ‘G’ Series containment hood systems redefine the boundaries of safety and efficiency. Operating under negative pressure, they create an impermeable barrier, ensuring that airborne contaminants are confined within the containment hood. This advanced design minimizes the risk of exposure, safeguarding both personnel and the laboratory environment.

Comprehensive Filtration: Pioneering Air Purity

Contaminated air is meticulously purified through a range of filters, effectively removing both vapors and particulates. The innovative filtration system ensures that air leaving the containment hood is virtually free from pollutants, promoting optimal air quality within the laboratory space.

Robust Construction: Designed for Durability

Crafted for longevity, the containment hood features sturdy aluminum framing, encasing clear 1/4″ thick acrylic and polycarbonate panels. This construction not only guarantees durability but also provides transparency for easy monitoring of processes within the hood.

Enhanced Accessibility: Customizable Configurations

The Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood prioritizes user convenience. Equipped with a clear vinyl curtain, the hood enables easy access while maintaining the required airflow across the opening. Customizable door and sash configurations are also available upon request, tailoring the system to your precise operational needs.

Optimized Performance: Variable Blower Speed Control

Featuring a high-efficiency, brushless AC motor with a dynamically balanced backward-curved impeller, this fume containment hood offers exceptional performance. With a capacity of up to 530 cfm in free air and a noise level of less than 68 dB, it maintains a balance between functionality and a conducive working environment.

Versatile Ventilation: Ductless or Outside Venting

The Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood offers versatility in ventilation options. It can be configured for ductless operation without blower and filter units, suitable for connection to an existing venting system. Alternatively, a venting adapter kit is available for the blower, enabling both filtering and outside venting.

Customization Beyond Limits: Tailored to Your Needs

Experience ultimate flexibility with the option for custom designs, ensuring that the containment hood aligns seamlessly with your laboratory’s unique requirements. Whether it’s the size, configuration, or features, this fume containment solution adapts to your specifications.

Redefine Safety and Efficiency

The Airfiltronix 200A G30 Fume Containment Hood epitomizes a new era in laboratory safety and efficiency. Combining advanced containment principles, comprehensive filtration, and customizable features, it transforms your laboratory environment. Elevate your operational standards and safeguard your team with this visionary fume containment solution.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Workspace: 28" x 17" x 17" ; Overall: 30" x 18" x 32.5"


60 lbs



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