Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Cytology Processor


Does not include program card, filter cap, or consumables. Program card and consumables are to be purchased separately from Hologic. Inspection by Hologic may be required after purchase, depending on the Hologic representative in your area.

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Revolutionizing Cellular Cytology with Cytyc Thin Prep 2000 Cellular Processor

Discover a paradigm shift in cellular cytology with the Cytyc Thin Prep 2000 cellular processor. Designed to streamline cervical cancer testing through automated slide preparation, this cutting-edge unit stands at the forefront of diagnostic excellence. Beyond gynecological specimens, the ThinPrep 2000 extends its versatility to diagnosing cancers of the lung, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract, as well as preparing fine needle aspirations of thyroid and breast tissues.

Precision and Automation: Redefining Cytology Processing

Within the laboratory, the Thin Prep 2000 cellular processor takes center stage. Orchestrated by the unit’s microprocessor, a series of intricate steps unfold seamlessly. Commencing with a gentle dispersion, this crucial phase disintegrates blood, mucus, and non-diagnostic debris while ensuring thorough mixing. Employing negative pressure pulses, the processor draws fluid through a specialized filter, capturing a delicate layer of diagnostic cellular material.

Monitoring Perfection: A Symphony of Accuracy

Throughout the procedure, the Thin Prep 2000 maintains vigilance, meticulously monitoring the flow rate through the specialized filter to ensure precise collection of cellular material. Employing mechanical positioning and positive air pressure, the collected material is deftly transferred to a glass slide, a choreography of technology and precision that sets the stage for subsequent staining and evaluation.

Comprehensive Accessory Kit: Empowering Excellence

Included with the ThinPrep 2000 Processor is an indispensable Accessory Kit. This kit encompasses vital components such as a waste bottle, filter caps, operator’s manual, power cord, dispenser pump, and a program memory card. Every facet is tailored to enhance user experience and amplify operational excellence.

Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Fluidic Mastery

The ThinPrep 2000 Processor harnesses the power of mechanical, pneumatic, and fluidic principles to orchestrate a symphony of cellular dispersion, collection, and transfer. The process unfolds with precision and grace, driven by innovative engineering that upholds the integrity of cellular material.

Dispersion: A Gentle Ballet of Separation

Underpinning the procedure, a rotary drive mechanism orchestrates a ballet of gentle dispersion. This rotation engenders currents within the fluid, artfully segregating debris and dispersing mucus while maintaining cellular integrity.

Collection: A Pneumatic Poetry of Precision

A pneumatic and fluidic symphony unfolds during the collection phase. Guided by a microprocessor, this choreography delicately vacuums cellular material onto the exterior surface of a specialized membrane, an artful feat of precision monitored by the ThinPrep 2000 Processor’s software.

Transfer: Elevating Cellular Artistry

The crescendo of the process arrives with the transfer of cells, a culmination of computer-controlled positioning and positive air pressure. This balletic performance invigorates cells onto a ThinPrep microscope slide. As the TransCyt Filter inverts and gently adheres to the slide, cells are artistically arranged in a defined circular area, an embodiment of precision and artistry.

Experience the Future of Cytology Processing

The Cytyc Thin Prep 2000 Cellular Processor propels cytology processing into an era of automation, precision, and user-centric design. From cellular dispersion to intricate transfer, every step exemplifies a symphony of technological marvels that redefine excellence in diagnostic cytology. Elevate your laboratory’s capabilities with the mastery of the ThinPrep 2000 Processor.

With the Hologic/Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 Processor, up to 50,000 samples per year can be performed per 8 hour shift. Throughput is approximately 25 samples per hour.

FISH Program Memory Card and UroCyte Software Card with Instructions is sold separately.

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