Justrite 45 Gallon, Manual Close, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX – 894500


Designed to tackle industrial fire hazards, this cabinet seamlessly combines security and efficiency. With exterior dimensions of 65 inches in height by 43 inches in width by 18 inches in depth, it accommodates 45 gallons of flammable liquids while boasting a robust 18-gauge steel double-wall construction for unmatched fire resistance. The high-performance manual-close, self-latching doors ensure maximum protection even under fire conditions. The innovative U-Loc™ handle enhances security, and Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels provide heightened visibility.


Elevate Safety and Efficiency with the Justrite 45 Gallon, Manual Close, Flammable Cabinet, Sure-Grip® EX – 894500

Optimal Storage for Flammable Liquids

Introducing the Justrite 45 Gallon Flammable Cabinet, Manual Close Doors, designed to combat one of the leading causes of industrial fires—improper storage and handling of flammable liquids. Engineered for unparalleled safety, this cabinet offers a steadfast solution to prioritize safety, while streamlining storage and organization.

Crafted for Durability and Fire Resistance

Crafted with precision, the Justrite  45 Gallon 894500 model embodies strength and resilience. With exterior dimensions of 65 inches in height by 43 inches in width by 18 inches in depth (1651 mm H x 1092 mm W x 457 mm D), this cabinet provides ample storage, accommodating 45 gallons (170 L) of flammable liquids. Its construction from sturdy 18-gauge (1-mm) thick steel, featuring a double-wall structure with 1.5 inches (38 mm) of insulating air space, ensures unrivaled fire resistance. The fully welded construction eliminates air gaps, offering heightened protection during fires.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Security meets convenience with the high-performance, manual-close, self-latching doors. Engineered with a fail-safe mechanism, these doors open up to 180 degrees and securely close, enhancing protection under fire conditions. Continuous piano hinges ensure the doors shut smoothly every time, contributing to the Justrite 45 Gallon cabinet’s reliability.

Innovative Handle and Reflective Labels

Adding an innovative layer of security, the U-Loc™ handle eliminates the need for manual rotation to engage the mandatory latch. This cabinet comes equipped with a cylinder lock and key set, while offering the flexibility to use a personal padlock. Trilingual Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels further enhance safety, ensuring visibility during fires or power outages when illuminated by a flashlight.

Advanced Spill Management and Ventilation

Functionality and safety converge with the patented SpillSlope® galvanized steel shelves. Designed to channel spills to the back and bottom into a 2-inch (51-mm) leak-tested sump that meets EPA requirements, this shelf guarantees exceptional spill containment. Adjustable on 3-inch (76-mm) centers, all SpillSlope shelves meet ANSI MH28.1 standards with a 350-lb (159-kg) safe allowable load. Dual vents with flame arresters, four adjustable self-leveling feet, and a built-in grounding connector further enhance the cabinet’s functionality.

Excellence in Compliance and Reliability

Excellence is intrinsic to Justrite, reflected in its extensive safety cabinet range. With over 300 models, these cabinets cater to diverse requirements while carrying a ten-year warranty, embodying Justrite’s commitment to quality. The Justrite 45 Gallon 894500 model is FM approved and adheres to OSHA, NFPA 30, and NFPA 1 requirements, providing assurance in compliance and safety.

Redefine Safety with Justrite

In an era where chemical handling demands precision, the Justrite 45 Gallon Flammable Cabinet, Manual Close Doors, stands as a leader in secure storage. With meticulous design, adherence to stringent standards, and unwavering dedication to safety, it emerges as an ideal choice across a wide array of industrial settings, from laboratories to manufacturing facilities. Trust Justrite to transform your storage practices, ushering in an era of responsible chemical storage and management.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

43" x 18" x 65"


264.7 lbs



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