Sakura Tissue-Tek glas g2 6500 Coverslipper


This advanced solution transforms histopathology and cytology by seamlessly replicating hand coverslipping techniques. Processing up to 400 slides per hour, this automated coverslipper offers exceptional accuracy, clarity, and bubble-free results. Its cutting-edge automation ensures flawless coverslipping quality and cleanliness. With 9 customizable programs, real-time adjustments, and preloaded disposable coverslips, efficiency is maximized. Integrated with the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus stainer, this solution offers unparalleled productivity and sets a new era of excellence.


Elevate Slide Coverslipping with Precision – Sakura Tissue-Tek glas g2 6500 Glass Coverslipper

Introducing the Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Glass Coverslipper, an advanced solution revolutionizing glass coverslipping in histopathology and cytology. This robust and efficient Glass Coverslipper seamlessly replicates traditional hand coverslipping techniques, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in coverslip placement, exceptional clarity, and bubble-free coverage. With a remarkable capacity to process up to 400 slides per hour, this automated coverslipper offers a groundbreaking level of reliability and minimal maintenance, setting new industry standards.

Cutting-Edge Automation for Impeccable Results: At the heart of the Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper lies cutting-edge automation technology, poised to redefine your coverslipping experience. This advanced system ensures an unwavering commitment to flawlessness, delivering impeccable coverslipping quality and pristine cleanliness for every slide it handles. With the capacity to store and execute up to 9 customizable programs, this innovation adapts to the nuances of various coverslip sizes, mounting medium volumes, and speeds, catering to a diverse spectrum of specimen types and applications. What truly sets this Glass Coverslipper apart is the unmatched flexibility it provides at your fingertips. Imagine making real-time adjustments to mounting medium volume and coverslipping speed during the process, all without causing the slightest disruption to the ongoing operation. This seamless adaptability empowers you to achieve results with pinpoint precision, eliminating the need for time-consuming interruptions and maximizing efficiency in your coverslipping workflow. The Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper offers a level of automation that redefines standards and opens the door to unparalleled coverslipping excellence.

Efficient Preloaded Coverslips for Optimal Workflow: Elevate your laboratory workflow to new heights of efficiency and convenience with the innovative Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Coverslips. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your coverslipping process, these coverslips come conveniently preloaded in disposable holders, offering lengths of 40, 50, and 60 mm to cater to a variety of specimen requirements. This smart solution not only saves you precious time but also eliminates the inconvenience of transferring delicate coverslips to reusable holders. Bid farewell to the anxiety of breakage and the meticulous handling required during this process. By directly using these preloaded coverslips, you drastically minimize the risk of damage, ensuring your laboratory operations run smoothly and efficiently. The Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Coverslips are a testament to ergonomic design and practicality, putting you in control of a streamlined workflow that optimizes productivity while maintaining the integrity of your specimens. Embrace this cutting-edge approach to coverslipping and experience the transformation in your day-to-day lab routines.

Enhanced Integration for Unparalleled Productivity: Seamlessly integrate the Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper with the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus stainer for a fully automated, integrated walkaway staining process from slide baking to drying. This powerful combination amplifies laboratory productivity. Experience independent coverslipping of additional baskets with IHC and special stains while the stainer operates at high speed. The Glass Coverslipper’s unload carousel accommodates up to 240 slides, offering onboard storage and reducing the need for frequent unloading of small batches.

A Vision for the Future: The Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper doesn’t just meet the needs of today; it anticipates the requirements of the future. By seamlessly connecting to the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus stainer, you create an integrated, fully automated staining process that spans slide baking to slide drying. This integration enhances productivity and further elevates the capabilities of your laboratory, setting the stage for a new era of excellence.

Incorporate the Tissue-Tek Glas g2 Glass Coverslipper into your laboratory, and witness the evolution of coverslipping technology. Experience the fusion of innovation, precision, and convenience that will redefine the way you approach histopathology and cytology slide preparation. From accuracy to efficiency, from reliability to adaptability, this glass coverslipper is poised to lead your laboratory towards a future of enhanced excellence.

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Weight 242 lbs
Dimensions 29.5 × 24 × 29.5 in


glas g2 6500




242 lbs



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