Leica CM1850 Cryostat


Precision is paramount as the cooling system maintains a consistently optimal range of -30°C to -35°C, setting the stage for pristine sectioning. The ingenious quick freeze shelf, equipped with 10 disc spaces reaching as low as -45°C, assures rapid and precise specimen freezing. Spanning sectioning options from 1 to 60 µm, the CM1850 grants you unparalleled control over your research. Its’ ergonomic finesse and intuitive controls epitomize swift and secure sectioning, while its dimensions and weight effortlessly integrate into any laboratory setting.


Efficiency and Innovation Unite: Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat

Elevate your histology and clinical pathology endeavors with the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat, a meticulously designed instrument that seamlessly marries proven excellence with advanced features. Crafted with a focus on power saving, heightened efficiency, and operator safety, this cryostat stands as a testament to innovation. It builds upon the successes of its predecessor, the Leica CM1800 MOHS Cryostat while propelling your laboratory practices into the future.

Optimized Cooling for Precision
The Leica CM1850’s design optimally balances power consumption and cooling efficiency. The cryostat’s cooling system maintains temperatures between -30°C to -35°C in the cryo chamber, creating an environment conducive to high-quality sectioning. This technology-driven approach ensures that your sections are produced with minimal tissue distortion, setting a new standard for precision.

Swift Specimen Freezing, Seamless Orientation
Rapid specimen freezing and intuitive orientation are at the heart of the Leica CM1850’s capabilities. The quick freeze shelf, equipped with 10 disc spaces and capable of reaching -45°C, facilitates swift specimen preservation. Meanwhile, the cryostat’s emphasis on smooth specimen orientation empowers operators to maintain focus and consistency in their sectioning tasks.

Sectioning Excellence at Your Fingertips
Experience unparalleled control over your sectioning thickness with the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat. It offers a versatile range of sectioning options, from 1 to 60 µm, allowing you to tailor your sections to the specific demands of your research. With precise increments of 1 µm from 1 to 10 µm, 2 µm from 10 to 20 µm, and 5 µm from 20 to 60 µm, you have the power to achieve sectioning perfection.

Ergonomics and Future-Ready Design
Crafted with a forward-thinking perspective, the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat boasts a modern ergonomic design that enhances operator comfort and safety. Its intuitive features and controls prioritize user experience, allowing for quick and safe sectioning.

Empowering Laboratories with Excellence
Choose the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat for a laboratory experience that fuses innovation, precision, and ease of use. This refurbished instrument, backed by a 1-year warranty, embodies the commitment to quality and advancement that Leica Biosystems is known for. Redefine your histology and clinical pathology practices with a cryostat that paves the way for enhanced efficiency and exceptional results. With the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat, you’re not just investing in a piece of equipment; you’re investing in the future of your laboratory’s success.

Specifications That Stand Out
With dimensions of 28.7 x 28.7 x 44.8 inches (D x W x H) and a weight of 297 lbs, the Leica CM1850 MOHS Cryostat seamlessly integrates into your laboratory space without compromising on performance. Its cooling capabilities, specimen head cooling, and quick freeze shelf with disc spaces have been optimized to ensure efficiency and precision. This cryostat offers a refined solution that embodies Leica’s commitment to excellence in research and diagnostics.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

29" x 29" x 45"


298 lbs





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