Leica CM1510 S MOHS Cryostat


Compact yet powerful, this cryostat ensures excellence with a splash-protected microtome, specimen orientation, and user-friendly controls. Expertly designed to excel in routine procedures, it combines precision, efficiency, and affordability. Boasting motorized coarse feed for swift trimming, a lockable handwheel prioritizing safety, and a CN knife holder for standard microtome knives, it stands out. With a -45°C quick-freezing shelf, illuminated cryo-chamber, and CE knife holder for optimal sectioning, it’s designed to redefine performance.


Leica CM1510 S MOHS Cryostat

Reliable and Economically Efficient

The Leica CM1510 S MOHS cryostat is a powerhouse that not only meets but surpasses the demands of routine cryomicroscopy. Crafted with meticulous precision, it sets new standards in economic efficiency, presenting an attractively priced instrument that leaves no desires unmet within its class.

This MOHS cryostat’s compact dimensions are particularly advantageous for laboratories with limited space, allowing for optimal utilization. Its reputation for high specimen throughput translates to rapid and efficient performance, and its proven track record of reliability adds further confidence to its capabilities.

As expected from any Leica product, the CM1510 S ensures exemplary safety standards and is designed to fulfill the most exacting operator requirements, guaranteeing outstanding ergonomics for seamless operation.

Effortlessly Swift: Motorized Coarse Feed

The CM1510 S stands out with its motorized coarse feed, facilitating rapid trimming processes. With two different speed settings in each direction, the MOHS cryostat optimizes efficiency and workflow for precise results.

Enhanced Comfort: Lockable Handwheel

Prioritizing user safety and convenience, the cryostat features a lockable handwheel that remains safely positioned in the uppermost setting during specimen or knife changes, minimizing the risk of injury.

A Pinnacle for Mohs Surgery Unveiling the ultimate value proposition for Mohs surgery, the Leica CM1510 S offers unparalleled performance.

Perfectly suited for excising skin cancers in layers, this MOHS cryostat swiftly freezes and slices thin sections of frozen tissue samples for microscopic examination. Its seamless integration of functionality and precision redefines the possibilities in Mohs micrographic surgery.

Precision Personified: CN Knife Holder for Standard Microtome Knives

Equipped with a top-tier CN knife holder compatible with standard microtome knives, the cryostat includes a high-quality glass anti-roll plate. The specially treated glass insert ensures remarkable durability and fracture resistance, offering four usable edges for extended usability.

Efficient Sectioning: Specimen Orientation and Quick-Freezing Shelf

The user-friendly specimen orientation system guarantees top-quality sections even with challenging samples like skin. Rapid specimen freezing is enabled by the actively cooled quick-freezing shelf, maintaining an impressive -45°C temperature. The manual defrost cycle can be engaged when needed, providing flexibility and control.

Ample Space and Functionality: Stainless Steel Cryochamber and CE Knife Holder

Elegantly designed, the cryo-chamber boasts illumination and insulation, easily accessible through a heated sliding window. It provides ample room for effortless specimen handling. The CE knife holder, designed for disposable blades, features lateral displacement functionality for the entire blade length and an integrated glass anti-roll guide, making it ideal for cutting serial sections up to 3 µm thick.

Unveiling the Characteristics of Excellence The Leica CM1510 S MOHS Cryostat is equipped with features that stand as a testament to its excellence.

It boasts a splash-protected high-precision microtome, motorized coarse feed with two different speed settings, and a cryo-chamber temperature range of 0°C to -30°C. The actively cooled quick-freezing shelf with an option for manual defrost, illuminated cryo-chamber, and compact dimensions all contribute to its exceptional performance. With its characteristics of precision and efficiency, the Leica CM1510 S MOHS  cryostat redefines the standards for routine cryo-microtomy, making it an indispensable asset for laboratories that demand superior quality and reliability.

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CM 1510 S



Dimensions (W x D x H)

27" x 27" x 46"


256 lbs (120kg)



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