Dakewe 6250 Cryostat


Elevate your laboratory’s sectioning precision and efficiency with this advanced solution. Powered by a precise motor, it ensures uniform sections for enhanced reliability, accommodating diverse tissues through adjustable specimen discs. Robust performance is guaranteed by a durable motion guide rail, while an anti-sticking layer prevents specimen adherence. With visualized operation via a large touch screen, high capacity, and advanced sectioning techniques, the cryostat streamlines tasks. Its smart temperature control system, powered by a reliable compressor and patented precision algorithm, maintains stability, and rapid cooling Peltier stations enable efficient procedures. Elevate your results with the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat, tailored to meet modern laboratory demands.

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Introducing the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat: Elevate Your Sectioning Experience

Reliable Section Quality

With its advanced engineering driven by a state-of-the-art precise motor, the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat sets new standards for operational excellence. This cutting-edge technology empowers the cryostat to function with impeccable accuracy, resulting in the creation of uniform sections that exhibit remarkable consistency. This consistency, in turn, elevates the reliability of the entire sectioning process, ensuring that each and every specimen is treated with the utmost precision.

Whether you’re dealing with delicate tissues or intricate samples, the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat guarantees uniform sections that meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Experience a new level of versatility and adaptability with the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat’s revolutionary universal adjustable specimen discs. This ingenious feature is designed to cater to the diverse range of tissues encountered in histological processes, from the most delicate and intricate to the small and intricate, such as kidney tissue.

By offering the ability to finely adjust and customize section angles, the cryostat ensures that each specimen is treated with the precision it deserves. This adaptability not only enhances the quality of sectioning but also streamlines the workflow, making it easier than ever to achieve optimal section angles regardless of tissue type. Whether you’re dealing with complex biological structures or minute specimens, the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat’s universal adjustable specimen discs provide the ultimate solution for consistently achieving precise and accurate sectioning results.

The Dakewe 6250 Cryostat is equipped with a robust and reliable durable motion guide rail that forms the backbone of its exceptional performance. This cutting-edge technology has been meticulously designed to ensure the cryostat’s ability to handle even the most demanding and heavy-duty tasks with ease. By seamlessly guiding the movement of specimens and components, the motion guide rail guarantees the cryostat’s consistent and precise functionality, contributing to its overall longevity and dependable performance. This innovative feature not only streamlines operations but also enhances the cryostat’s durability, making it a steadfast companion in your laboratory for years to come.

The Dakewe 6250 Cryostat incorporates an advanced mechanism that has been thoughtfully enhanced with an innovative anti-sticking layer. This ingenious addition plays a pivotal role in elevating the cryostat’s performance by preventing specimens from inadvertently adhering to the equipment’s components during the cooling process. By mitigating the risk of specimen adhesion, the cryostat ensures that procedures unfold seamlessly and hassle-free, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in your laboratory workflows. This anti-sticking layer acts as a safeguard, preserving the integrity of each specimen while maintaining the cryostat’s overall functionality.

This critical enhancement not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the potential for errors arising from specimen adherence. As a result, the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat stands out as a dependable tool that empowers you to focus on precise and meticulous work, unburdened by concerns of specimen sticking.


Navigate operations effortlessly via the large color touch screen, enabling visual stroke scaling and an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Equipped with a spacious freezing plate, the cryostat accommodates up to 20 specimens per operation, streamlining your workflow.  Employ the high-quality blade holder with unique anti-seize coating and arc designation, effectively minimizing trembling during sectioning for consistent results. The anti-roll plate features a versatile clamp, securing positions flexibly, thus enhancing stability during operations.  Set your preferred working time and effortlessly switch between sleep and active modes, optimizing energy consumption and operational convenience.

Smart Temperature Control System

Powered by a reliable compressor, the cryostat maintains stable chamber and plate conditions, ensuring uninterrupted sectioning. Multiple accurate temperature sensors and 2 Peltier elements ensure the chamber temperature remains consistently cool, guaranteeing precise results. The patented freezing plate technology prevents frost formation during freezing while preventing specimens from adhering, ensuring unmatched precision. Experience swift temperature stabilization around -55°C to -65°C, facilitated by the rapid cooling Peltier stations, enabling efficient and precise procedures. Elevate your sectioning precision and efficiency with the Dakewe 6250 Cryostat, a sophisticated solution designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory workflows.

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