Microm HM 525 Cryostat


This advanced instrument offers a cutting thickness range of 1 to 30 microns, ensuring meticulous sectioning. With a freezing chamber temperature range of -30°C to +40°C, optimal conditions for specimen preservation are maintained. Motorized control empowers effortless adjustments of cutting angles and thicknesses, while automated functions streamline workflow by handling freezing, defrosting, specimen advancement, and more. Operator convenience is paramount, enhanced by features like automatic specimen ejection and blade advance.


Microm HM 525 Cryostat: Superior Precision and Operator Comfort

The HM 520 / HM 525 Routine Cryostat stands as a testament to the pinnacle of user benefits and operator comfort. With a dedicated focus on ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the Microm HM 525 Cryostat is engineered to streamline your workflow and enhance user experience.

Unmatched Operator Comfort

Experience a new level of operator comfort with the Microm HM525 Cryostat. Ergonomically shaped surfaces and intuitively comprehensible operating elements underscore the commitment to creating an instrument that complements the user’s natural movements and interactions.

Precision Through Stepping Motor Technique

The Microm HM525 Cryostat integrates stepping motor technique, ensuring consistently exceptional sectioning results in routine histological and pathological procedures. Reproducibility of section thickness is a defining characteristic of the HM 520 / HM 525, facilitated by the indispensable stepping motors that underlie its operation.

Efficiency at Its Core

The Microm HM525 Cryostat embodies efficiency in every aspect. It offers the rapid and straightforward creation of sections that your laboratory demands. Whether it’s routine tasks or more intricate applications, this cryostat ensures a fast and uncomplicated process, enabling you to focus on the essence of your work.

Key Features and Specifications

Cutting Thickness Range: Precision in Sectioning

Experience the epitome of precision with the Microm HM 525 Cryostat’s cutting thickness range spanning from 1 to 30 microns. This feature empowers you to achieve meticulously controlled section thicknesses, crucial for accurate histological analysis. Whether you’re working with delicate samples or more substantial specimens, the ability to finely adjust cutting thickness enhances the quality of your results.

Temperature Range: Optimal Specimen Preservation

Step into a realm of controlled environments with the Microm HM 525 Cryostat’s freezing chamber temperature range of -30°C to +40°C. This meticulous temperature control ensures that your specimens are preserved at their best during the sectioning process. The range provides the flexibility needed to accommodate various tissue types while maintaining ideal conditions for accurate histopathological evaluation.

Motorized Control: Effortless Precision

Unleash effortless control over cutting angles and thicknesses with the Microm HM 525 Cryostat’s motorized adjustment capabilities. This sophisticated feature elevates your sectioning precision to new heights, allowing you to tailor your approach to different samples and applications. The motorized control enhances repeatability, consistency, and ease of operation, translating to superior results in your histological procedures.

Automated Functions: Streamlined Workflow

Benefit from a suite of automated functions that optimize your workflow with the Microm HM 525 Cryostat. From freezing and defrosting to specimen advancement, blade ejection, and cooling, these automated processes remove tedious manual steps from your hands. This streamlining of tasks not only boosts efficiency but also ensures consistent and reliable results, saving you time and effort in your daily lab operations.

Operator Convenience: Seamlessly Enhanced Experience

Seamless user experience takes center stage with the Microm HM 525 Cryostat’s automatic specimen ejection, blade advance, and cryochamber return. These thoughtful design elements enhance convenience by reducing manual intervention and promoting smooth operation. As a result, operators can focus more on the intricacies of their work and less on routine actions, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of your lab procedures.

Rankin Biomedical Commitment: Elevating Your Laboratory

The commitment of Rankin Biomedical extends beyond providing instruments – it’s about empowering your laboratory’s capabilities. With our remanufactured instruments and comprehensive solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with tools that elevate your research and analysis. The Microm HM 525 Cryostat is a testament to this commitment, reflecting our endeavor to equip your lab with advanced technology and support your pursuit of scientific excellence.

Elevate your laboratory’s histological capabilities with the Microm HM525 Cryostat. Its precision, automation, and operator-centric design embody a commitment to both excellence and efficiency in histopathology procedures.

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HM 525



Dimensions (D x W x H)

30" x 25" x 47"


275 lbs



Operator Manual

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