Sakura Tissue-Tek Film 4740 Coverslipper


Achieve unmatched throughput, up to 1,080 slides per hour, eliminating air-drying wait times. Smart features signal low solvent or Film levels, ensuring uninterrupted processes. Seamlessly integrate with Prisma® Plus stainer for enhanced workflow. Certified compatibility with Hologic® Thin Prep® Stain Plus Imaging System, fast scanning, and minimal artifacts even after a decade of storage. Elevate accuracy and productivity with Prisma® Plus integration, reducing scanning errors.


Revolutionizing Coverslipping Efficiency: Sakura Tissue-Tek Film 4740 Film Coverslipper

Introducing the Tissue-Tek Film® 4740 Automated Coverslipper, an embodiment of cutting-edge innovation poised to redefine the landscape of film coverslipping. With a legacy spanning over three decades and more than three billion slides covered, the Film Coverslipper has stood as an unrivaled choice in laboratories worldwide.

Unmatched Throughput and Quality: Witness an unparalleled leap in throughput with the Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper, boasting a staggering capacity of up to 1,080 slides per hour. Bid farewell to the extended waiting times associated with air-drying glass coverslipped slides, as the Film 4740 Film Coverslipper’s swift drying time accelerates the process, ensuring that pathologists receive pristine, high-quality slides expeditiously.

Smartly Engineered Features: Seamlessly blending advanced technology and intuitive design, the Film 4740 Film Coverslipper is equipped with astute features that signal when the solvent or Coverslipping Film levels are low. These built-in safeguards ensure that ongoing processes are completed before reagent or Film supplies are exhausted, minimizing disruptions and maintaining optimal efficiency.

Enhanced Workflow with Prisma® Plus: Whether employed in standalone mode or seamlessly integrated with the Prisma® Plus stainer, the Film 4740 Film Coverslipper boasts an unload carousel capable of accommodating up to 240 slides, streamlining operations and minimizing the frequency of unloading small batches of coverslipped slides. Connect the Tissue-Tek Film 4740 Film Coverslipper to the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus stainer to forge a harmonized, fully automated workflow encompassing slide baking through to slide drying.

Certified Compatibility and Superior Preservation: The Coverslipping Film has garnered validation for compatibility with the Hologic® Thin Prep® Stain Plus Imaging System. Additionally, it emerges as an optimal choice for slide scanning and digital imaging, scanning 3.7% faster than traditional glass coverslips. Moreover, studies reveal that slides coverslipped with the Film exhibit fewer artifacts even after a decade of storage when compared to glass coverslipped slides.

Elevating Accuracy and Reducing Errors: The integration of the Prisma® Plus with the Film® Coverslipper has led to a remarkable reduction in scanning errors, with a notable impact seen across over 800,000 slides. This synergy epitomizes the potential for enhanced accuracy and productivity within the realm of digital pathology. Embark on a new era of coverslipping precision, efficiency, and connectivity with the Tissue-Tek Film® 4740 Automated Coverslipper, a testament to Sakura’s commitment to advancing laboratory solutions.

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Tissue-Tek 4740



Dimensions (W x D x H)

28" x 23" x 27"


165 lbs



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