Film Coverslippers

A film coverslipper is a type of coverslipper that uses a thin film of plastic or resin to cover and protect the tissue samples or other materials on a microscope slide. Coverslipping is an important step in histology, as it helps to protect and stabilize tissue samples for microscopic examination.

Film coverslippers offer several advantages over traditional coverslippers. One of the main advantages is the ability to cover a larger area with a single drop of mounting medium. This can help to save time and reduce waste during the coverslipping process. Film coverslippers are also able to produce thinner, more uniform layers of plastic, which can be beneficial for preparing slides for high-resolution microscopy techniques such as confocal laser scanning microscopy. Film coverslippers typically require less daily maintenance than glass coverslippers, however, this depends on the volume and the level of care the machine receives from the users.

Film coverslippers are typically used in histology laboratories and are used in conjunction with other histology equipment and supplies, such as tissue processors, embedding centers, and microtomes, to prepare tissue samples for microscopic examination. Rankin supplies refurbished Sakura film 4740 and SCA 4764 coverslippers. We take used film coverslippers, and remanufacture them to like-new condition through our professional refurbishment process.

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