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We’re here to quickly and reliably respond to any routine or emergency situation that you find yourself in.

  • Service Contracts
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • On-Site Repair
  • Rentals, Loaners, and Parts
  • Depot Repair
Service Contracts
  • Cap your lab’s annual equipment costs for the year, limiting unexpected large repair bills.
  • Service contract customers benefit from priority scheduling and a 24-hour response time. We proactively keep our technician’s schedules partially open to respond to your lab’s potential emergency needs.
  • Save thousands when you purchase more than one year of coverage upfront. Up to 3 years can be purchased up front, saving your lab 15%.
Preventative Maintenance
  • We replace, calibrate, and clean critical components to ensure your equipment functions at or above OEM specification.
  • Our technicians provide detailed reports of the maintenance visit and what we find while we are performing the PM.
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling and reminders to fit maintenance visits within your lab’s busy schedule.
On-Site Repair
  • All of our field service technicians are trained in-house for a minimum of one year in our production shop.
  • Our technicians are experts with, but not limited to, the following brands: Leica, Sakura, Thermo, and Rankin Basics.
  • Your lab is a match for Rankin Services if you have a tissue processor, embedding station, microtome, cryostat, slide stainer, coverslipper, cassette printer, or slide printer.
Rentals, Loaners, and Parts
  • Minimize lab downtime by taking advantage of our rental units. Service contract customers can keep their labs running by using our expedited free loaners.
  • We keep rental and loaner equipment on hand for every type of histology lab equipment.
  • Our large inventory of over 40,000 parts allows for quick turnaround repair times.
Depot Repair
  • We’ll bring your machine into our shop for repair, and can offer your lab a rental unit while we fix your machine.
  • Smaller items such as cassette printers, slide printers, microtomes, and embedding stations are excellent candidates for a depot repair. However, we often repair cryostats and tissue processors in-house, as well.
  • Depending on your location, a depot repair can save your lab thousands on travel costs.


Knowledge & Experience

Our trained technicians cumulatively have over 50 years of service experience.

Service Region

We proudly serve the state of Michigan, northern Ohio, and northern Indiana with depot service offered for all 50 states.

Customer Support

Our focus is to give you immediate feedback: your satisfaction is our priority.

Why Choose Us

  • 24-Hour Response Time
  • First Time Fix Rate
  • Convenient Customer Portal
24-Hour Response Time
All customers can expect a response same-day, but service contract customers enjoy a 24-hour response time to have a technician on-site. In addition, we offer free phone support to all labs.
First Time Fix Rate
With over 40,000 repair parts and a thorough issue intake protocol for troubleshooting, our technicians will arrive at your lab with the parts needed to make the repair the first time.
Convenient Customer Portal
Quickly manage your account information to view invoices, make payments, track technicians, and download service reports.
Service Technician Training

Service Technician Training

All of our field service technicians are trained in-house at our facility by expert engineers, master mechanics, and technicians. With a 1-year minimum requirement of hands-on training with our refurbished production team, you can be confident that the technician we send to your lab has seen it all. Our technicians specialize on, but are not limited to, the following brands:

Sakura Thermos Scientific Leica Rankin basics

Histology Labs We Serve

  • Independent Pathology
  • Mohs Surgery Clinics
  • Hospitals & Universities
  • Research / CRO
  • Veterinary / Animal Testing
  • Dermatopathology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can a technician arrive at my site?
    Our service contract customers benefit from a 24-hour response time. Other call-in customers can expect a 24-72 hour response time. All customers receive an initial contact same-day. In addition, all labs receive free phone support.
  • Can you repair my machine at Rankin’s facility?
    Yes, this is called “depot repair,” which we offer for all 50 states. Rental units are available to keep you running while we fix your machine. Service contract customers are granted free loaners for depot repairs.
  • How can I schedule a repair?
    Click here to submit a service ticket and a customer service representative will contact you the same day if the ticket is reported before 4pm EST.
  • How long will a repair take?
    Repairs can vary in length depending on the severity of the issue, or possible parts backorders. However, we try very hard to keep stock of the most common-to-fail parts for Leica, Sakura, and Thermo products to help your lab get back up and running as fast as possible. Most repairs are completed in less than 4 hours but often take an entire business day. We employ a diligent troubleshooting protocol before a technician gets dispatched to your lab to ensure all possible parts are needed for the repair and in the technician’s van. Our number one goal is to achieve a first-time fix, and not have to come back, saving your lab time and money. A very severe repair could take as long as several weeks, in which case we would offer a rental unit or install a free loaner if you are a service contract customer.
  • What geographic areas do you service?
    We have field service technicians that cover Michigan, northern Ohio, and northeast Indiana. However, we do have national field service technicians that fly from our facility to all 50 states, if needed. Our depot service is available for all 50 states (freight charges apply).
  • How does the field service process work?
    Begin by scheduling a service call (click here to submit a service ticket). This will automatically create a new ticket for our service team to respond to. Expect to hear from a customer service representative same day (unless contacted after 4 p.m. EST.) Be prepared to answer a few preliminary questions about your machine and the issue(s) it is experiencing. Our service coordinator will schedule a technician for the soonest available date and time for an on-site visit. Our technician will arrive with the parts needed to repair that specific machine having issues, which is why we boast a very high first-time fix rate. Our ultimate goal is to make the fix on the first visit. Once the repair has been completed, you will receive an invoice to pay for the parts, labor, and travel (service contract customers will not receive an invoice). You will then receive a service report to download for your records.
  • What is covered under a service contract?
    Parts, labor, travel, unlimited service tickets for repairs, and one yearly preventative maintenance visit. Some exclusions apply based on specific models and serial numbers, which are explicitly stated in the service agreement. Click here to view the service contract terms and conditions.
  • What is a PM contract? Can’t I just call in to schedule a PM?
    Yes, you can just call in to schedule a PM! However, we offer 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year PM contracts. Many of our customers prefer to purchase multi-year PM contracts in order to simplify their yearly PM burden and enjoy the multi-year savings discount. If you just call in to schedule an upcoming a PM you have due, you would technically be purchasing a 1-year PM contract. Travel charges still apply for each PM visit.

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