Leica EG1150 Embedding Station & Cryo Plate


Elevate your laboratory embedding with the Leica EG1150, featuring adjustable height, left/right-handed workflow, and a spacious heated work surface. Achieve optimal comfort and efficiency as the constant temperature cold plate maintains -5°C, accommodating over 70 cassette molds. Enjoy enhanced paraffin melting modes and convenient programmable controls. Discover the ultimate embedding center for precise specimen preparation.


Effortless Specimen Embedding with the Leica EG1150 Embedding Station & Cryo Plate

Introducing the Leica® EG1150 Embedding Station & Cryo Plate, a technological marvel designed to revolutionize specimen embedding in histology labs. With an expansive work surface area, the EG1150 allows for the efficient arrangement of multiple cassettes and molds, enhancing specimen throughput and workflow efficiency.

Modular Excellence for Enhanced Workflow

The Leica EG1150 embodies modular brilliance, combining two distinct components: the Leica EG1150 C cold plate and the Leica EG1150 H heated paraffin dispensing module. This powerful integration offers the flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow in either direction, catering to individual preferences. A position-adjustable halogen spotlight further elevates functionality by ensuring bright and even illumination across the entire work area.

Tailored Workflow for Precision

With the Leica EG1150 embedding center, flexibility meets precision. The independent modules allow the embedding workflow to adapt to individual needs, whether it’s a left-to-right or right-to-left direction. The ergonomic design is exemplified by rounded armrests that provide comfort during extended work sessions, ensuring no undue pressure on the technician’s arms. The seamless integration of tissue cassette and mold warming trays at the same level minimizes arm movements, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Feature-Rich Design for Optimal Performance

The Leica EG1150 encompasses a wealth of features meticulously designed to enhance your embedding experience. Among these features:

Adjustable Embedding Center Height: Prioritizing ergonomic comfort, the EG1150 allows you to customize the work surface height, ensuring your operational experience is optimized for utmost comfort.

Left or Right-Handed Workflow: The modular ingenuity of the EG1150 shines as it grants the flexibility to position the cold plate at either end of the heated embedding module, enabling seamless embedding in your preferred direction.

Spacious Work Surface with Drain System: Crafted to accommodate your needs, the expansive heated work surface is outfitted with a paraffin drain system that prevents the accumulation of liquid paraffin. This thoughtful design maintains a pristine and efficient work environment.

Constant Temperature Cold Plate: The EG1150C cold plate demonstrates reliability with its ability to uphold a consistent temperature of -5°C. It effortlessly accommodates a capacity exceeding 70 cassette molds, ensuring your workflow can progress without interruption.

Optional Acrylic Cover: In environments with high humidity, the optional acrylic cover serves as a protective shield, curbing frost build-up and safeguarding the integrity of your embedding process.

Enhanced Mode for Rapid Paraffin Melting: Embrace efficiency during shifts with the selectable enhanced mode, designed to accelerate paraffin melting and cater to demanding work schedules.

Programmable Timer and Optional Accessories: The EG1150 simplifies operation through its user-friendly LED display, allowing precise control over various functions. The availability of optional accessories, such as a magnifier and footswitch, extends convenience and versatility to your embedding experience.

Seamless Workflow Optimization

The Leica EG1150 modular tissue embedding center adapts to your laboratory’s unique needs. Its modular configuration allows for a tailored workflow that ensures ergonomic efficiency. The expansive work surface is a canvas for meticulous arrangement, accommodating multiple cassettes and molds, thereby streamlining specimen preparation. This embedding station stands as a testament to modern technology’s fusion with comfort, precision, and workflow optimization, setting a new standard in histology specimen embedding.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

Paraffin Embedding Center: 20" x 26" x 15"
Cold Plate: 15" x 26" x 15"


Paraffin Embedding Center: 49 lbs
Cold Plate: 51 lbs



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