Leica HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Station & Cryo Plate


The HistoCore Arcadia modular tissue embedding system incorporates two independent products, the Arcadia H heated embedding workstation and the Arcadia C cold plate. This offers you the flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow in a direction that accommodates your laboratory needs.


Introducing the Cutting-Edge HistoCore Arcadia Modular Tissue Embedding Station

In the realm of modern laboratory equipment, the HistoCore Arcadia modular tissue embedding Station stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency.

This groundbreaking Embedding Station is comprised of two distinct components: the Arcadia H heated embedding module and the Arcadia C cold plate. Seamlessly integrated, these independent modules empower laboratories with unparalleled flexibility in orchestrating their embedding workflow.

The Arcadia H heated embedding module, a pivotal element of this advanced system, redefines precision and simplicity. Through its intuitive design, the Arcadia H paraffin dispenser ensures not only ease of operation but also meticulous control. The result? Enhanced work quality, streamlined workflows, unwavering reliability, and a significant boost in embedding work speed. With the Arcadia H, the process of tissue embedding evolves into a seamless dance of accuracy and efficiency.

Nestled within the HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Station, the Arcadia C cold plate emerges as a masterpiece of engineering prowess. Its expansive working surface accommodates a staggering capacity of more than 60/65 cassettes.

However, it’s not just about quantity – cooling efficiency takes center stage. To maintain optimal operating conditions, the cold plate incorporates an environment adaptive control module, diligently ensuring a steady temperature of -6 °C. This level of precision guarantees that your specimens remain at the pinnacle of preservation.

The remarkable features of the HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Station extend beyond its core functionalities. The Arcadia H heated embedding workstation, for instance, boasts an array of carefully curated features.

Designed with comfort and stability in mind, wristpads facilitate a seamless user experience. A newly engineered magnifier caters to the specific demands of small biopsy embedding, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. The inclusion of an LCD touchscreen not only enhances the instrument’s aesthetic appeal but also serves as an intuitive control center, allowing for effortless monitoring and adjustments.

In the realm of cooling, the Arcadia C cold plate continues to shine. Its large working surface is designed to accommodate up to an impressive 65 cassettes. However, it’s the intelligent cooling design that truly sets it apart.

The environment adaptive control module ensures that the operating temperature remains unwaveringly stable at -6°C. This feature renders the Arcadia C cold plate an indispensable asset, whether employed as a standalone unit for pre-sectioning block re-cooling or as an integral part of a comprehensive embedding center, facilitating the cooling of molds post-paraffin dispensing.

In a landscape where innovation and efficiency are paramount, the HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Station modular tissue embedding Station takes center stage. With the Arcadia H and Arcadia C units working in harmony, laboratories are equipped to revolutionize their workflows, drive accuracy to new heights, and embark on a journey of unparalleled embedding precision. Embrace the future of tissue embedding – embrace HistoCore Arcadia.

Additional information



HistoCore Arcadia



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Paraffin Dispenser: 22 x 25 x 15 inches
Cold Plate: 15.8 x 25 x 15 inches


Paraffin Dispenser: 59.5 lbs
Cold Plate: 70.6 lbs



Operator Manual – Paraffin Dispenser

Operator Manual – Cold Plate

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