Rushabh HistoPro 650 Tissue Embedding Station


The Rushabh HistoPro 650 Tissue Embedding Station represents cutting-edge technology that elevates histopathology with precision and efficiency. Developed by Rushabh Instruments LLC, this advanced embedding station offers superior temperature control and an intuitive touch-screen interface for seamless operation. Its optimized workflows and ergonomic design enhance efficiency and user comfort. The station’s versatility accommodates various tissue types and sizes, while its enhanced safety features ensure a secure working environment. With efficient reagent management and easy maintenance, the HistoPro 650 enables precise and reproducible tissue embedding for accurate histological analysis, making it an indispensable tool in modern laboratories.


Crafting Excellence: The Rushabh HistoPro 650 Tissue Embedding Station

Prepare to step into a realm where precision meets innovation, where every detail is designed to enhance your laboratory experience. Introducing the Rushabh HistoPro 650 Tissue Embedding Station, a masterpiece of ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology that redefines tissue embedding with a fusion of sophistication and efficiency.

Ergonomic Elegance: Where Form Meets Function

Embark on a journey where ergonomic perfection reigns supreme. The HistoPro 650 boasts a modular design that seamlessly adapts to your workflow, ensuring every action is an effortless endeavor. Its user-friendly operator interface beckons you to explore its capabilities, promising an interaction that is as intuitive as it is innovative.

Unveiling the Core: Large 6.0 Liter Paraffin Tank

The heart of excellence lies in the details. The Rushabh HistoPro 650 features a generous 6.0 liter paraffin tank that ensures uninterrupted workflow. This capacity enables you to streamline your embedding process, ensuring that your focus remains where it truly matters – on the quality of your work.

Crafting Precision: Fully Programmable Time and Temperature

Precision and control are at your fingertips. The HistoPro 650 allows you to program time and temperature to suit your specific needs, resulting in consistency that you can rely on. The user-selected temperature ranges across various components ensure that your specimens are treated with the utmost care.

Unleash Flexibility: Adjustable Paraffin Flow Rate

Flexibility is the hallmark of innovation, and the HistoPro 650 lives up to this promise. With an adjustable paraffin flow rate, you can customize the embedding process to align perfectly with your requirements. Your specimens are embraced by a fluidity that adapts to your expertise.

Elevating Convenience: Self-Draining Forceps Holder

Efficiency meets convenience with the self-draining forceps holder. This thoughtful feature ensures that your tools remain clean and ready for use, minimizing interruptions in your workflow. It’s a testament to the dedication to every intricate detail that the HistoPro 650 embodies.

A Mark of Quality: Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Quality knows no bounds, and the HistoPro 650 proudly carries the badge of being designed and manufactured in the USA. Every aspect of this embedding station speaks to a commitment to excellence, from conception to creation.

HistoPro 650 H Hot Module: Redefining Capabilities

Delve into a world of capabilities with the HistoPro 650 H Hot Module. Its paraffin tank capacity of 6 liters ensures that your workflow is uninterrupted, while its two baths offer spacious dimensions for versatile usage. The user-selected temperature ranges empower you to tailor your embedding experience, ensuring optimal results.

Physical and Electrical Excellence: Dimensions and Power

Precision extends beyond functionality; it encompasses physical dimensions. The HistoPro 650 H boasts a width of 23″, a depth of 25″, and a height of 16″. Its weight of 65 lbs. stands as a testament to its robust build. With electrical characteristics designed for either 115 volts AC or 230 volts AC, its power reaches a maximum of 900 watts, embodying the fusion of power and efficiency.

HistoPro 650 C Cold Module: A Symphony of Cold Precision

Precision thrives even in cold temperatures with the HistoPro 650 C Cold Module. Its expansive cold plate area of 13.5″ wide and 16″ deep ensures ample space for your needs. The temperature range of -10° C to +10° C grants you full control over your cooling process, ensuring your specimens are preserved with unparalleled precision.

Perfecting Physical and Electrical Details

Physical dimensions are integral to operational excellence. The HistoPro 650 C boasts a width of 14″, a depth of 25″, and a height of 16″. With a weight of 85 lbs., it exudes strength and durability. Its electrical characteristics, available for both 115 volts AC and 230 volts AC, reach a maximum power of 200 watts, underscoring its energy-efficient design.

The Rushabh HistoPro 650 Tissue Embedding Station is more than a tool; it’s a work of art that elevates your laboratory capabilities. It’s an invitation to explore precision, efficiency, and sophistication, and to redefine your approach to tissue embedding. Step into a new era of excellence with the Rushabh HistoPro 650 – where innovation meets craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs


HistoPro 650



Dimensions (W x D x H)

25" x 36.5" x 16"


150 lbs



Operator Manual – Embedding Center

Operator Manual – Cryo Console

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