Leica CM1520 Mohs Cryostat


Effortless specimen orientation, organized workspace, and intuitive operation make precision an inherent part of your workflow. This cryostat not only upholds Leica’s sectioning legacy but also offers budget-friendly access to uncompromised quality, a perfect match for routine histology and Mohs surgery applications. Trust the CM1520 to consistently deliver top-tier sections, combining value and precision in every aspect of your research.


Achieve Unmatched Quality: Leica CM1520 Cryostat

Consistent Quality in Every Section

Experience the pinnacle of precision in cryosectioning with the Leica CM1520 Cryostat. This precision microtome is your unwavering companion in consistently producing top-tier sections. It’s not just about quality; it’s about achieving quality consistently. Encased for easy cleaning and maintenance, this microtome is designed to empower you with unwavering sectioning excellence.

Effortless Specimen Orientation: The Path to Precision

In the realm of cryosectioning, success hinges on precise specimen orientation. The Leica CM1520 Cryostat simplifies this critical process with its object head orientation featuring zero-position centering. This innovative design allows you to effortlessly mount specimens at the desired angle for sectioning. The result? An expedited workflow where ease and accuracy walk hand in hand.

Staying Organized, Staying Focused: An Organizational Oasis

In the realm of scientific pursuit, a cluttered workspace can inadvertently cloud the clarity of your focus, impeding your journey towards excellence. Yet, a solution emerges in the form of the Leica CM1520 Cryostat, an embodiment of organization and efficacy. This cryostat introduces ingenious organizational features that go beyond mere utility. Tailored storage shelves thoughtfully accommodate your samples, object holders, tools, and even provide an easily accessible ambient temperature storage perched conveniently atop the instrument.

This orchestration of organizational elements doesn’t just shape your workspace; it nurtures a dedicated environment where meticulous arrangement amplifies your capacity to remain steadfastly engrossed in your sectioning tasks. The CM1520 becomes more than a cryostat; it becomes an architect of focus, allowing you to channel your energy and passion into each section with renewed vigor.

Effortless Learning, Effortless Mastery: A Symphony of Operation

Seamless operation is the hallmark of the Leica CM1520 Cryostat. The journey from learning to mastery is imbued with ease as single-function keys and LED displays stand as gateways to a realm of efficiency. No longer must you navigate labyrinthine menus – this cryostat empowers you to wield its functions with intuitive grace.

A simple push of a button opens a world of possibilities, transforming complex tasks into straightforward actions. The efficiency bestowed by the CM1520 isn’t just a convenience; it’s a strategic empowerment that allows you to channel your intellectual might where it truly matters – your research.

Value and Precision Converge: The CM1520’s Distinctive Offering

The Leica CM1520 Cryostat is a paragon of value and precision harmonizing in perfect unison. Beyond the realm of mere cryostats, it stands as a gateway to Leica’s signature sectioning excellence, all while maintaining an accessible budget-friendly demeanor. With a resolute stance in routine histology and the critical applications of Mohs surgery, the CM1520 doesn’t just assure quality; it imparts confidence. Frozen specimen sectioning, a realm where time and reproducibility are tantamount, finds its ideal companion in the CM1520. As you navigate each section with unwavering assurance, you realize that the cryostat is more than a tool – it’s your reliable partner, propelling your research journey towards unparalleled precision and distinction.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.6 x 28.7 x 44.8 in


298 lbs



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