Mortech GL110 Countertop Pathology Grossing Station


This workstation offers advanced features like an exhaust duct for ventilation connection, an integral sink with a mixing faucet, and top-mounted LED light fixtures for optimal visibility. The workstation includes a specialized LED light with a 3x magnifier, magnetic instrument holder, polyethylene dissecting board, and more, ensuring precise dissections. With options for two sizes and integrated accessories, the Mortech GL110 Grossing Station is a versatile solution that enhances accuracy and functionality in pathology laboratories.


Efficient and Precise Pathology Workflow with the Mortech GL110 Countertop Grossing Station

Discover unparalleled convenience and functionality in pathology specimen grossing with the Mortech GL110 Countertop Grossing Station. This advanced workstation is designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of specimen handling and processing.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Workflow

The GL110 Grossing Station comes equipped with a range of features that ensure a seamless and precise grossing process. The built-in exhaust duct allows easy connection to the building’s ventilation system, ensuring a clean and safe environment. The integral sink with a mixing faucet provides a dedicated area for water-based tasks, while the stainless steel C-fold paper towel holder adds a touch of convenience.

Optimal Illumination for Precision

Experience unmatched visibility and accuracy with the top-mounted LED light fixtures that illuminate your work area. Additionally, a specialized LED light with 3x magnifier, mounted on flexible arms, offers detailed magnification for intricate procedures. This illumination setup ensures that every detail is clearly visible, enhancing your ability to perform precise dissections.

Efficient Instrument Management

The Mortech GL110 includes a range of thoughtful additions that streamline your workflow. A magnetic instrument holder keeps your tools organized and easily accessible. The GFCI duplex receptacle with a waterproof cover provides a safe power source for your electronic equipment, while the included polyethylene dissecting board offers a sturdy and easy-to-clean surface.

Integrated Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

With an included formalin container and spigot, the GL110 Grossing Station ensures proper and safe disposal of waste materials. The workstation is also available with two size options, catering to different laboratory needs. Choose from the 48in/121cm or 60in/152cm lengths to perfectly fit your workspace.

Tailored for Optimal Performance

The Mortech GL110 Grossing Station is designed to enhance your laboratory’s grossing procedures, providing a dedicated space for precision, safety, and efficiency. With its advanced features, integrated accessories, and customizable size options, this workstation is a valuable addition to any modern pathology laboratory. Experience an elevated level of control and functionality with the Mortech GL110 Grossing Station, where innovation meets excellence in pathology specimen handling.

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(48" or 60") x 44.5" x 29"


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