Mortech GL117 Pathology Workstation with Rear Exhaust


The Moretech GL117 Pathology Workstation is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes sample preparation in pathology. Developed by Moretech Manufacturing, a leading provider of laboratory equipment, this workstation offers advanced features and optimal ergonomics to enhance precision and efficiency. With its spacious and well-lit workspace, pathologists and technicians can perform grossing tasks with utmost accuracy. The workstation’s integrated ventilation system ensures a safe working environment, while its seamless workflow integration and user-friendly controls simplify daily operations.


Elevate your pathology procedures with the Mortech GL117 Pathology Workstation:

Economical Design and Premium Construction

The Mortech GL117 is ingeniously crafted as an economical and space-saving unit, making it a versatile addition to any laboratory. Its entire work area and exterior closure panels boast a robust all-stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance for years to come.

Optimized Grossing Procedures

Equipped with a comprehensive range of features, the workstation is meticulously designed to accommodate diverse grossing procedures.

The dissecting area includes a convenient rinse system that delivers a constant water flow, enhancing work efficiency. The sloped design of the dissecting area facilitates rapid and efficient drainage into the sink basin. Notably, the workstation is wheelchair accessible, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Integrated Exhaust System

The GL117 comes complete with an exhaust duct, allowing seamless connection to your building’s ventilation system. This exhaust system efficiently eliminates fumes and odors, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Advanced Functionalities for Precise Work

This workstation boasts essential functionalities to streamline your workflow. The hot and cold water mixing faucet features a gooseneck spout and wrist blade handles for precise water temperature control. The spray hose assembly with hand control provides added convenience for cleaning and handling specimens. The heavy-duty commercial waste disposal, with its 1/2hp motor and switch, efficiently manages waste.

Thoughtful Design for Enhanced Work

Enhancing user convenience, the GL117 pathology workstation features a specimen shelf made from welded heavy-gauge stainless steel. Removable dissecting grid plates are thoughtfully positioned over the drain trough, ensuring efficient disposal of waste materials. A fluorescent, vapor-proof light with a switch illuminates the workspace, enhancing visibility during procedures. The workstation also includes a polyethylene dissecting board for versatile usage.

Safety and Versatility

Prioritizing safety, the GFCI duplex receptacle comes with a waterproof cover, safeguarding electrical connections from potential hazards. The heavy-gauge polished stainless steel leg assembly, fortified with welded cross rails, ensures stability and longevity, even in heavy-duty applications.

Tailored to Your Needs

The Mortech GL117 Pathology Workstation is available in two sizes, offering options of 48-inch (121 cm) or 60-inch (152 cm) lengths, catering to your specific spatial requirements. For bespoke needs, inquire about custom layouts and designs, designed to accommodate available space while optimizing functionality.

In summary, the Mortech GL117 Pathology Workstation is an exceptional tool that merges practicality, durability, and adaptability, transforming your pathology procedures into streamlined, efficient, and ergonomic experiences.

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