Mortech Genesis Grossing Station


Experience the pinnacle of pathology innovation with the Mortech Genesis Grossing Station, a state-of-the-art medical device designed for efficient and accurate gross examination of tissue samples. With customizable sizes and over 12 modification options, the Genesis Grossing Station seamlessly adapts to individual lab needs. Its advanced features include an integrated camera system for detailed image documentation and automated measurements, ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, and durable construction.


Elevate Your Pathology Workflow with the Mortech Genesis Grossing Station

The Mortech Genesis Grossing Station stands as a pinnacle of innovation, redefining the landscape of pathology labs with its cutting-edge features and ergonomic design.

As a vital instrument in the gross examination of tissue samples prior to histological analysis, the Genesis Grossing Station is engineered to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and user experience.

Tailored to Your Needs: Customization at its Core

Available in three versatile sizes – 48”, 60”, or 70”, the Mortech Genesis Grossing Station adapts seamlessly to diverse laboratory spaces. With over 12 modification options and an expanding range of workstation accessories, this workstation becomes a canvas for you to tailor to your individual preferences and specific laboratory requirements.

Unveiling the Standard Features

Every Mortech Genesis arrives equipped with an array of standard features that elevate your grossing process. From the flexible exhaust duct that ensures a clean working environment to the dimmable overhead lighting that provides optimal visibility, every detail is meticulously designed for efficiency and comfort.

The single lever mixing valve with the faucet, GFCI 20amp outlets, standard receptacles with USB ports, and 1/2 hp commercial disposal with air switch collectively contribute to an environment that enhances your workflow.

Enhanced Ergonomics: Designed for Comfort and Precision

The ergonomic architecture of the Genesis Grossing Station stands as a testament to its user-centric design. Its 12” electric elevation system, controlled via a convenient switch, enables you to set the perfect working height. The integrated pegboard system, magnetic tool bar, and dissection cutting board in Light Blue promote a well-organized workspace that maximizes your efficiency.

The Power of Imaging: High-Resolution Camera System

A standout feature of the Genesis Grossing Station is its advanced high-resolution camera system. Pathologists can capture intricate images of samples, which are invaluable for documentation and analysis. This system seamlessly integrates with powerful image analysis software, allowing for automated measurements and in-depth examinations, further streamlining your workflow.

Intuitive Interface, Durable Design

Navigating through the Genesis Grossing Station is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface that prioritizes efficiency. Crafted from durable materials, this workstation is built to endure the demands of a busy pathology lab, ensuring longevity without compromising performance.

Transforming Patient Care Through Innovation

The Mortech Genesis Grossing Station isn’t just a workstation; it’s a catalyst for improved patient care. By streamlining processes, enhancing accuracy, and embracing cutting-edge technology, it empowers pathologists to excel in their vital roles.

Welcome a new era of pathology with the Mortech Genesis Grossing Station – where innovation meets precision, and quality patient care takes center stage.

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